Still Standing with Kaepernick?


The NFL kicked off its 101st football season last Thursday, September 10.  As sure as Sunday night football is back, so is the trash talk on social media.  Despite stadiums not having fans or allowing some at a limited capacity, the fans are definitely hyped to watch.  The sports gods have even made it so that the NBA playoffs and NFL football are happening at the same time.

At the NFL opener, between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans, fans booed as the league acknowledge a moment of silence dedicated to the ongoing fight for equality in the United States.

Is the fan protest of the NFL over?

Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid are still not playing.

The question has been raised, "Does Colin Kaepernick still want to play in the NFL?"

BLM t-shirt

Well, Kaepernick made some noise during this first night of Sunday night football.  He expressed disdain for the NFL's "cheap talk".  He implies that there is no reason a player with Eric Reid's stats should not be on an NFL roster.

The NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, issued a video apology to the players.  He asserted that Black Lives Matter and apologized for not listening to the players earlier.  His video was in response to a video posted on twitter, by NFL players, entitled "I am George Floyd".

Last year, Jay Z, partnered with the NFL to help aide in their own social justice reform.We have seen the call for equality across several sports platforms, from soccer to NASCAR, to tennis.

Are we satisfied?

What more should the NFL do?

Did you ever protest the NFL?

Does the current pandemic play a part in your decision to watch football?


Meet me in the comments, because I like a good competitive football game too!


  1. I don’t watch football, but it’s good to see Kaepernick speaking out, and I hope he gets put on a team soon if that’s what he wants.

  2. Haven't watched football in like 3 years now. I'm good luv....enjoy. HAHA


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