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Feel Good Series: For the Plant Lovers!

limited edition,  Purchase Here I try my best to look on the bright side of things.  Since this pandemic, we all have had the chance to perfect being a "home body", (I hope).   Personally, I revived this blog, which I recently renewed for the 11th year!  I had to refocus my custom apparel business to appeal to the single customer, as opposed to the group functions I had the pleasure of servicing. Luckily, while also focusing on health, weight loss, and hair growth, I stumbled back into my appreciation for plant growth.  In the midst of stalking Sprouts grocery for a restock of Aloe Vera plant, for a hair growth concoction, my oh so often "D.I.Y. lightbulb" lit up.  I can grow my own Aloe Vera. Now, here I am, with two thriving house plants.  My Aloe Vera plant, Queenie, is in need of repotting and has so many buds, that I can give to a friend.  My newest edition Snake Plant, T'Challa, is growing strong and tall. Besides the feeling of accomplishment when watchin

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