Feel Good Series: For the Plant Lovers!

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I try my best to look on the bright side of things.  Since this pandemic, we all have had the chance to perfect being a "home body", (I hope).  

Personally, I revived this blog, which I recently renewed for the 11th year!  I had to refocus my custom apparel business to appeal to the single customer, as opposed to the group functions I had the pleasure of servicing.

Luckily, while also focusing on health, weight loss, and hair growth, I stumbled back into my appreciation for plant growth.  In the midst of stalking Sprouts grocery for a restock of Aloe Vera plant, for a hair growth concoction, my oh so often "D.I.Y. lightbulb" lit up.  I can grow my own Aloe Vera.

Now, here I am, with two thriving house plants.  My Aloe Vera plant, Queenie, is in need of repotting and has so many buds, that I can give to a friend.  My newest edition Snake Plant, T'Challa, is growing strong and tall.

Besides the feeling of accomplishment when watching your house plants grow, studies indicate there are several personal benefits of having house plants.

House plants improve the air quality in your home, boost your mood and lower stress and anxiety.  As indicated earlier, I picked aloe vera plant because of its many uses for your hair, body and skin.  But, it is also a very low maintenance house plant, needing to be watered only a few times a month.

I am all about "feeling good" and being in control of my own happiness.  Plants are doing it for me.  And, not just me, there is an entire community of "Plant Moms and Dads".

Here are a few pages I enjoy following on Instagram:

Black Men With Gardens 

Memphis based, "The Mane Wildling"

Black Girls With Gardens

Rooted in Black


Are you a Plant Mom or Plant Dad?

Why or why not?

How is your plant collection? Meet us in the comments, we would love to hear about it.

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