Nick Cannon, Fired! It's Not Right, but its OK original design tee, found only HERE.
Nick Cannon was recently "fired" by ViacomCBS for making anti-Semitic comments on his own podcast.  It is important to note when you see the word "fired" in this instance, it simply means Viacom "cut ties" with Nick Cannon and will no longer air his Wildin' Out content on their television stations.  They by no means have the power to "fire" Nick in the traditional sense (stopping the flow of a primary income) because, as Nick Cannon stated, he is a "boss".

I recall listening to the Breakfast Club radio show and they were discussing Nick Cannon making an announcement that he would be getting his own daytime talk show in 2020.  Charlamagne stated, on air, he didn't think Nick Cannon's radio show would survive if Nick also decided to have a daytime talk show.  It was his opinion that Nick Cannon has a lot of jobs and wouldn't be able to do them all, and do them all well.

Nick Cannon has, as mentioned above, a radio show, an upcoming television daytime talk show, a hosting job on "The Masked Singer", a chair position at TeenNick, his own production company and not to mention all his contributions to acting, music and comedy.

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Nick is firing back at Viacom and demanding full ownership of the Wildin' Out brand he says that he created.  He has apologized for the furtherance of any "hate speech" and pledges "....instead I stand firm on my square with my fist in the air repeating my mantra, ‘You can’t fire a Boss!"

Its a beautiful thing to be able to say what you mean and mean what you say!  Its even more beautiful to stand tall against acts of retaliation, confident in your worth and capabilities.

Nick will be ok, because Nick wears several hats, has his hands in several pots and has proven that he has the talent and the means (his own production company) to produce successful content.

Hey, Nick Cannon, if Viacom won't give you full ownership of Wildin' Out, talk to us about the use of our originally designed "Melanin Out" content when you find or create another company that wants to broadcast your content!

Thoughts?  Should Nick fight to get back in the good graces of Viacom?  Is Nick better off burning that bridge?  Talk to us in the comments!

Our thoughts are also with the cast and staff of Wildin' Out that may not be as fortunate as Nick Cannon in this situation.  Nick is also a philanthropist and hopefully has them in mind as well.

Nick Cannon fired faster than the cops that killed Breonna Taylor.