You Don't Vote, you DON'T COUNT!

In my experience the biggest reason people (those who admit they won't/don't vote) don't vote, is because they feel like their vote does not count.  Especially after the 2000 Presidential Election, my generation has lost their trust in the political system.  I can definitely understand where they are coming from.  However, I believe the fact that most voters do not know how the Presidential election really works, is likely the biggest reason why they believe their vote does not count.  That's okay.  I am more than happy to provide a quick lesson on "how your vote counts" / "how the Presidential Elections works"/ "How votes are calculated" in a Presidential race.

First off, the Presidential race is not like your High School Homecoming race.  In other words, this is not a popularity vote, the person with the most individual "tally marks"/names on a ballot do not necessarily win the race.  The Presidential Race is a STATE ELECTION.  This means you are voting on behalf of your state.  You are voting to declare where you want your state to delegate its electoral college votes.

Each state has a certain number of Electoral College votes, which are based on the number of delegates your state has in Congress (number of delegates in the House of Representatives + number of Senators = number of members in Congress for each state).  A state gets a certain amount of members in the House of Representaives based on the population of that state.  The more people in a state = the more members in the House of Representatives.  Each state gets 2 Senators, regardless of that state's population.  Therefore, states with large populations have more electoral college votes than states with a smaller population (hence California & Florida being key states for Presidential Candidates).  The map above shows how many electoral college votes each state has. (disregard the colors on the map for now)

So, basically your Presidential Vote is a vote on behalf of all the citizens in your state.  You are in essence battling your neighbor to determine which candidate you think best addresses the needs/desires of the citizens in your state.  The popular candidate vote in your state, likely* gets more of  the electoral college votes designated for your state.  The Presidential Candidate with the majority electoral college votes from all states, wins the Presidency.  

Think about it.  You're driving in traffic and you see a disgusting bumper sticker bashing the candidate that you think is best to run this country.  If they bought a bumper sticker, you can bet your bottom dollar they are going to exercise their right to vote.  When the polls open that driver is first in line to vote against you and your candidate.  Imagine there is many more people who share the same views as the driver with the disgusting bumper sticker and they all go out to vote.  On the other hand, you and several others like you, disagree with the opposing candidate, but you don't go out to cast your vote for the candidate you believe is best fit to represent your state.  Your thoughts, your opinions, your disagreements, DON'T count against the group of individuals who take the time to bash your candidate by purchasing a bumper sticker, because you did not Vote!

Don't go unheard, go vote, be COUNTED!


* There are a few happenstances that can occur that may cause some electoral college votes not to go to the candidate with the popular vote.  The law in each state determines if the members of the electoral college have to vote the same way as the popular majority of citizens in their home state.  However, the above description is how the electoral college generally works.  You are encouraged to do your own research on the Electoral College and how votes are weighed and counted.

**UPDATE 3/15/2016 *** How to get more involved in this year's election, check out my campaign HERE


  1. Wow! Thanks this really helps me understand how my vote actually count! All this time I've just been voting cause I know it's the right thing to do. But now I know how it actually works! Thanks again learn something new everyday!

  2. Great post. I totally agree with you. What good is arguing with someone who supports the other candidate or getting mad when you see a questionable ad running on tv if you won't take a few minutes out of your day to vote?
    The other side is banking on us not exercising our right to vote. They would love nothing more for you to concede defeat and stay home. There are people right now plotting on how to make voting harder for us people of color. I for one refuse to be silenced by people who don't have my best interest at heart.

  3. Great job. I.think this post was very informative. There are many people out there that think that "their vote won't matter", and we all know that is soo not true. I was telling onw of my fellow church members that it is up to out generation to carry the torch because many of these people in office and getting old and it will soon be time for some younger people to run this country and if people dont get involved then how can there be change? That was a great example that you used , there are sooooo many bumper stickers out there saying this and that and it makes you feel some kind of way by seeing it on the car then get up, get out, and go vote to make sure that regions dont end up the way the sticker states. Its time to take control of things and do whats right not only for our generation but for our children.There are so bantu people taking about whats wrong but they are adding to the problem by not voting for someone that may feel similar to you in office that can dou something about it. Everyone should research whats being said by the candidates and see who fits in with yourbeliefs or values and let thathelp u make your decision. I honestly listened to both speak at the convention to see for myself that I was making the right decision on who to vote for. Knowledge is power and it's time to use that power to better our country.

  4. This a great post, very informative. Although myself I am not voting this year(Voted the last two elections) for my own personal reasons. I am NOT against voting and actually encourage people to vote who agree with either candidate. Especially if they feel the person in office will indeed affect them and their families lives. It's good to hear you clarify that it is not a "popularity contest", because I admit in 2000 I thought it was, and was very confused. But in some states there is NOTHING stating the electoral college has to vote for the popular candidate. Which I think is bogus, and honestly in some ways does defeat the purpose of us voting. But in most cases, it does in fact go to the most popular candidate. So if you agree support a candidates policies and plan for the country get out and vote, more than likely it will make a difference either way, I agree.. Great read, as usual -D.Carter

    1. D. Carter you seem like a well rounded guy and I'm glad you agree with the post. But, how can you tell others to vote but you are not? You know so many people and could be an example for many others especially the younger men. Please lead by example and vote. That just goes back to the saying that "every vote counts". I know that there is at least one thing that either one of the candidates has said that you agree with. It's very important that everyone vote.

  5. First off, I'd like to say this is my right not to vote just as much as it is yours to vote. In this country there are people who advise people to otherwise of what they are doing or have done all the time. Example, Mothers say, "goto college Son/Daughter get a better education" Now, if she didn't goto college herself does this make her suggestion less credible? I don't think so. Hell, Bill Gates might tell someone go to college, and we all know his story. Does this make him less credible? Of course not. I actually agree with things that both candidates have said, but that isn't my angle on why I'm voting or not. I'll explain to you briefly why I chose not to. In the years of Bush's second term, I was worth I'd say about $60k-$70k, with no problems. In Obama's first term I was worth about $30k-$40k, not complaining about it. Do I think Bush's term was more successful. HELL NO! He was the worst president ever in some eyes. Did anything he do affect me? No. But neither did Obama's term. Everything in my life that has happen, wasnt because of a politician, a president. No, every major thing that's had affect on my life (and just my life, not speaking on anyone else) was because of the decisions I've made, and God. With MY lifestyle, politicians dont affect me as much as they do regular people. I still pay taxes, I've made more money with a AWFUL president, and nothing in my life has changed from Obama's first term to now. Now do I think Romney is the answer? Not really. I believe NO ONE, not Obama, not Romney, only GOD will stop me from being what I want to be in Life. And that's the example I lead by to the younger men of today. It's no one's fault but your own if you dont make it. And again this is strictly my opinion. And that's why I think people should vote, because not everyone's life is like mine. They actually rely on the government of the outcome for what their life will be or how hard/easy it will be. Not me. -D.Carter


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