Googling OFF Fat : How To!

Winter time is the right time, to work on your figure.  Most major holidays have passed, hopefully you're done pigging out and you want to get toned up in preparation for Spring.  I have the type of metabolism that only gears up with major effort.  In other words, everything I eat will stick to me if I don't work it off.  Sucks :(  So loosing weight is one thing I definitely know how to do.  There is no EFFICIENT quick way to do it.  There may be products that can help you do this quickly, but as soon as you revert back to your eating habits without it, your body will hold on to EVERY SINGLE CALORIE.

I don't really like to use the word diet, but loosing weight is really a life style change.  It takes hard work, discipline, and TIME!  There is no real quick and SAFE way to do it, but there is an EASY and safe way to make some life changes.  The method lies in something you use all day everyday and it is as easy as using GOOGLE!

Here is what you will need:
Cell Phone

To begin, download the Calorie counter app to your cell phone (the one that looks just like the above picture).  Next, on your phone or computer, google "Calorie Calculator", visit a website that provides a free calorie calculator.  This calculator will ask your gender, age, weight, and height.  Based on what you enter it will generate how many calories your body uses each day in order to operate.  Write that number down on your piece of paper.  Now subtract 500 from that number.  The answer is your new best friend, it is the number of calories you are allowed to eat each day.  This my friend is the magic formula for proper weight loss.  One lb is equal to 3500 calories, by consuming less calories per day than your body burns, you allow your body to to dip into "stored fat" to burn off additional calories.  Now the calorie app will be your new best friend, you can type in any food (just like Google) (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, beverages *we often don't think about the calories consumed in beverages*) and the calorie counter will tell you how many calories each food contains in each serving.  This allows you to effectively keep up with the calories you consume each day.  It helps you to plan your meals each day and to say no to that 750 calorie snack after you've already eaten 1600 calories for the day.

Basically this method is more about being aware of what you're doing to your body, by being aware of the things you put in your body.  When we think of diets we think of depriving ourselves of the foods we like.  That is not necessarily what dieting is about, it is about portion control.  Have two slices of pizza instead of an entire half.  DON'T STOP AT THE CALORIE COUNTING, EXERCISE!!! The calorie counter will also tell you how many calories you burn for each activity you do & it will ultimately track your weight loss by comparing the amount of calories you eat to amount of calories you've burned for the day.  How easy is that???

You will feel more empowered as the days go by, as the weight begins to (maybe slowly, but surely) fall off.  Hopefully you will begin to make smarter eating choices as well ( you will note that foods like apples, graham crackers, decaffeinated green tea *some of my favorite low calorie snacks*, are low in calories, and therefore allow you to enjoy them more freely and often) Add in your 8 glasses of water per day & your skin will clear and shimmery during the night, lol!

Its going to take hard work and dedication to stay true.  But once you get over the hump! You'll feel GREAT!! I PROMISE!! & Yes, I am currently on the same workout plan :)


  1. This sounds good to me. I had the fitness pal app on my phone, but I like this one much better. It has everything I need to you to keep up with your caloric intake.


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