's Breast Cancer Awareness Benefit & Blogaversary Pics

You all have been asking for them!! I apologize it took so long.  I was waiting on some pictures that I still haven't recieved.  But thats okay ..... These are pictures taken by my friends that came out to support the event, so you will see a lot of the same faces.  We had a great time & that is evident!! We had music, drinks, dancing, some prize giveaways, and a balloon release at the end of the night (It was touching ;) ).  Thank you to everyone that came out and especially those who made a donation but were not able to make it.  Again I apologize for those of you who came and I don't have pictures of you to post!  It was my first event and Im greateful for your interest, it only gets better!! Stay tuned for more events, Im working on an event for Decemeber and will be making some kind of noble contribution this Thanksgiving season! I encourage you to do the same :)

For more information on future events and/or ways to give back to your community follow me on twitter @TalkstillCheap1 and @Relleisallthat


  1. It was such a wonderful event. I especially enjoyed the balloon release/dedication to women whom are fighting breast cancer. I applaud you. Great job Ms. Shirrelle!

  2. hey babe by the pics your event look like it turned out great! I'm soooo proud of you and will not miss the next event. you will always have my support!


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