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If you're anyone who is in tune with the city of Memphis, then more than likely you have seen this face before. For instance, this picture sits in the window of a popular Memphis based store in the heart of downtown Memphis. If you're not in tune with the city, that's ok. That's what I'm here for, to shed some light on some things you otherwise may have never known.

If you follow my "tweets" you may often notice my mentions of attending Poetry/Open Mic on Thursdays. Darius "P.H.A.T.M.A.K. (Passionate, Honest, And Talented Man Acquiring Knowledge) is the Founder of Hypelife Marketing, the man who brings it all together.

How did Hypelife begin?

I began writing while in high school. My counselor encouraged me to do so as a form of anger management. I have always been social and popular amongst my peers. I began hosting events through party promotions. After experiencing a shooting at one of my parties, I later began to host more intellectual events. I hosted my first event, 2 male friends, my sister, and myself, conducted "Soulful Sundays" in December 2006. The response was good. The name "Hypelife" was taken from a friend of mine, he always saw the silver lining in whatever the situation was. I entitled my first poem after the "hypeman's" attitude....HYPELIFE!
Where is the Hypelife Movement now?

As you know, we produce "The Melting Pot" Open Mic showcase every Thursday. It is open to all forms of artists, poets, painters, dancers, singers, rappers, instrumentalists, etc. We host open mic at Starbucks locations, on college campuses,barber shops and Brinston's to name a few. Not only do we host events, we also provide support for small businesses in the form of marketing and other areas. You can get more info on the services we offer by visiting
                                          Do you think the city supports Hypelife and its movement?

Memphis "supports how it can". Meaning, the social life is more advertised and catered to the people more than the intellectual life. We have a very strong college following. Although we can always do more, we do what we can. When people come out, they enjoy the show and they go back and share with others. When people finally come to the shows, they continue to support the events. Hypelife expects you to come out with an open mind, be prepared for anything, and to come have a good time. Our events are "strictly for the Fly and intelligent".

If you haven't been out, I encourage you to make an appearance when you can. I recently heard, (with my own ears at a networking event) that Memphis was #1 in hating on each other. Now I don't know how true it is, but I enjoy this show, this atmosphere, and its people. Its a nice change of scenery from what you usually hear about on the radio. Here is a glimpse of what you can expect to hear at a show.


Check out more footage of live performances here .

Do you support the Talent in your city?  Plan to show your support? Leave a COMMENT!! Let's hear about it.

Hypelife's Melting Pot is hosted every Thursday at Club Chill. Doors open at 7pm. free until 8pm when the show starts. After that admission is only $5 and there is a kitchen and bar. The show opens with a brief roundtable discussion on recent events. For more info check out or feel free to ask a question in a comment or email me


  1. Excellent write up!!! And, thank you for introducing me to this thought- provoking, electic event. Great poetry, great discussions, and great musicians! I will definitely be in the building this Thursday.

  2. I love It!,.. I wish I Lived in Memphis, TN so I could check it out!,.. I love All forms of music/art/poetry, especially the humble but yet hungry local artist!.. If your an artist who is in it for the "Love" and purely that, then its enough to grab my attention and my support!,.. Great Article!,.. Keep em' coming!!.. D.Carter

  3. Thanks for your steady support of our events. We are nothing without the people.

  4. Great article. Thanks for your continued support and if you haven't been to a HypeLife event please come out and support us and our artist at The Melting Pot at Club Chill every thursday, and Higher Vocab at Brinsons every monday, and anything you see with HypeLife's name on....


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