Friday, June 3, 2016

Happy Father's Day, Mom!

Should single mother's be recognized on Father's Day?

Year by year, I've seen this argument grow on social media.  It eventually developed into greeting cards for Mothers on Father's Day and just last year the following commercial:

The commercial was created by, Angel Soft tissue, to honor women who had to be both hard and soft, when it came to raising their children alone.  In the commercial several people speak on their mother, with one mother being a single parent due to the death of a spouse.

As much as the tear filled testimonials may touch some people's heart, some people are also totally against the idea of mentioning a mom in the same sentence as "Father's Day".

Technically a Mother can never be a Father, and most people believe there are just some inherent things that a Father can teach a child, that a Mom can not.

Greeting card for Mom on Father's Day

What do you think?  Is a greeting card for Mothers on Father's day completely inappropriate?  What about the commercial, did it make you cry or make you frown?

Should mother's be satisfied with their day and leave Father's Day alone?  Should public opinion force a child from a single parent home NOT to acknowledge the double role their parent plays in their life?

If you are a Father, are you offended by these celebrations?  Does it take away from Father's recognition?  Or, is it ok to recognize that every family is different?

Moms, how do you feel.  Most single parents say that don't want to be recognized on Father's Day.  What if your child felt the need to celebrate you on this day, how would you feel?

Leave your comments below.

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  1. To me its equivalent of saying "All lives matter" when we are talking specifically about Black Lives. Let father have their day beside for most part you decide to lay with this man and y'all a child. Say something nice and give acknowledge. Specifically on social media. #letthathirtgo2016

  2. I agree with Roddrick. Single mothers have a day to be celebrated for their devotion to raising their children. There is absolutely no need for this celebration to continue on Father's Day. Let fathers have their day to be celebrated and honored by their children.