Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Celibacy: A Thing of the Past?

You may have caught wind of this story when it first made some national headlines.  A young African-American woman presented her father with a certificate of purity.  The certificate signifies confirmation from her OBGYN that she indeed kept her promise to remain a virgin until marriage.  Her husband was also a virgin when they married.  The couple, in their 20s at the time of marriage, dated for three years before tying the knot.

In an interview they spoke about the backlash they received on social media, "People just don't understand, so they question it" .  Some people thought her father required her to present a purity certificate to him.  In actuality, he did not require her to do so.  She was following her sister's example, who was also a virgin when she got married.  The young lady decided to take the pledge at the age of 13.

Her now husband said that she was upfront with the path she had chosen, and they admit they can't count the number of times they were tempted to have sex.  However, it forced them to become more creative in their times together.  They also made sure to surround themselves with people who would not put them in situations where they would constantly be tempted.

They believe anyone at any age, who values themselves can follow the same path.  "Save yourself so you want have to worry about protecting yourself", is what the husband mentioned as a great way to look at the pledge you are making.

What about people who are no longer virgins?  Does that mean they do not value themselves?  Social media is plastered with sex appeal.  Apps like Tinder are making hookups as easy as a swipe of a finger.  Could you reasonable expect your mate to wait?

Ciara and Russell Wilson made it public that they would not be engaging in sex unless they got married.  Now, having been dating for less than a year, the couple is now engaged.

Do you think their decision to remain celibate played a role in their decision to get married?  With the negative backlash, the now married couple received for being virgins, do you think waiting for marriage is a thing of the past?  Is it something you plan to teach your children?

Celibacy, is it too much to ask for?  Or, do you still believe in love and that the right one would honor your request?

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