Monday, March 7, 2016

Gabby Douglas: Walking In Your Purpose

Gabby Douglas, wins gold at March 2016 American Cup
     Guess who is still killing the gymnastics game?  Yep, Olympic Gold Medalist, Gabby Douglas.  Four years ago the "Flying Squirrel" took home the gold medal at the Summer Olympic all- around in London.  This past weekend Gabby won her first gold medal since the London games, while in New Jersey for the "American Cup".  With a noticeably taller frame and a hint more makeup, its obvious Gabby has grown.  And its obvious on the balance beam and the performance floor that Gabby is stronger and more confidant.  I mean look how she flips around on the floor with ease.

    Gabby says she feels like a brand new woman, mentally.  Sounds like confidence to me.  How awesome is it to live in your dreams.  You know you are walking in your purpose when you make what would seem like the hardest thing to the average person, look totally easy.  She has risen above adversity time and time again.  Remember the fuss surrounding Gabby and her hair during the 2012 Olympics.  I can't wait to see what the 2016 Summer Olympics has in store.  Until then, watch Gabby Douglas below on the balance beam.

     Do you feel like you're walking in your purpose?  How often do you feel like a champion?  Have you ever felt like a champion, a winner?   If you haven't, take a moment, review these video highlights and think about yourself.  What talents do you have?  What can you do to begin exercising those talents so you can walk in your own purpose?  Don't deprive yourself of personal victory and don't deprive those who are rooting for you to take your place on the award podium!

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