Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ambitious : Ari Badd

Ok so ima share some of it with the world!
Posted by Ari Badd on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

  When I first started my blog, I used to do a weekly feature entitled "Ambitious".  My slogan was, "like djs break records, I break people".  Hmmmm, I still think that sounds good. LOL.  Anyway, I just loved the idea of coming across raw talent.  I wanted to applaud people that were using their talents to follow their dreams.  By sharing their story, I not only encouraged them to stay on their path, but I felt it also inspired others with similar dreams, to get started on their own journeys.

With that said, I recently came across the above video on Facebook.  I was immediately moved.  Not only was her talent raw (raw, as in, not obviously created for, nor by, record execs for radio play), but the messages in her rap were very relevant.  Hats off to this beauty for the confidence and the courage to share your talents with us, along with some innuendos for us to think about.

Thank you for allowing me to share your video on my blog and I wish you continued growth and success.  The artist can be found on Facebook, under the name "Ari Badd"

Think she's talented?  Like or dislike the messages in this rap?  Leave a comment.  Share this post if you think it could touch or help somebody else.

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