Thursday, January 28, 2016


My Kickstart Campaign is now LIVE!!! To contribute to my campaign click HERE

About kickstart: It solicits supporters of projects.  Those supporters are known as "backers".  If you contribute, then you are "backing" my project.  Its all or nothing.  Meaning, if I don't reach my goal, I don't recieve any funds and your account is never debited.  When you back my project you are essentially making a pledge to help me reach my goal!

I am so excited to share this project with you and even more excited to get you involved.  I've taken a huge leap of faith to finally finish this project.  I've always had a passion for writing, which is evident by this blog site.

Some of you have been with me since the creation of this blog and have supported me in several of my endeavors.  For that, I am extremely thankful.  A lot of you know I went to and graduated law school.  Since then you haven't heard much from me.   You may have been wondering what I have been up to.

Well, my journey has been long and it has not ended with a bar exam, as of yet.  (I PROMISE THE ENTIRE WORLD WILL KNOW WHEN)

When I made the decision to go to law school, my entire intention was to be of SERVICE.  I wanted to be in a position where I could help people, who in most cases, wouldn't be able to help themselves.  I wanted to educate myself so I could help empower others. 

During law school, I loved the feeling of winning a case or helping someone feel safe by knowing the law and using its resources.  However, I was so tied down with reading, studying, working, interning, volunteering, and such, that my blog completely suffered.  I didn't have the time to, well let me take that back, I didn't make the time to keep up with my passion. 

Life happened.  It wasn't always pretty.  Some things distracted me, discouraged me, and threw me off course.  But, I've come full circle, now equipped with a law degree and a lot of life lessons. 

Help me share my journey.  Get more info on my project by visiting my Kickstart link and backing my project.

Thank you!

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