Friday, November 9, 2012

THINK PINK: Save the Tatas (Breast Cancer Awareness Event)

Cocktail cupcakes, treats, and information pamphlets free for all guests!
Thank you to everyone who participated in Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Whether you made a donation, purchased a PINK Band, wore PINK paraphernalia, donated your time and/or talents, or simply liked a Breast Cancer Awareness post on a social media site, you are appreciated.

This year,myself, along with Black Sea Consulting, The Alliance, Never Stop Dreaming, @MrsKillYoTrack, and Hip Hop Gives Back, hosted an event entitled "THINK PINK: Save the Tatas.  The event was held October 26, 2012 at Room Service Lounge in Atlanta, GA.  Most guests were admitted free admission, wearing PINK.  Guests were provided information on Breast Cancer Awareness and Research.  They also received free giveaways and participated in a balloon release at the end of the night.  There was music, drink specials, food specials, and hookah specials.

It was a beautiful sight and the atmosphere was great.  Check out some of the pictures of guests below and some scenes from the balloon release.

There were vendors on hand selling cake pops, bracelets, and more to raise money for Breast Cancer Research.  In addition to promoting awareness (wearing PINK), sharing awareness( information pamphlets), and spreading awareness (balloon release), the event also donated $100 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  I choose because currently 91 cents of every dollar they spend goes toward Breast Cancer Research and Awareness Programs.  I think that is very significant.

I would also like to thank everyone that donated via this year, and received a AWARENESS band.  Another donation was also made to on your behalf.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via