Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pseudo Love

I wonder, what's stronger, true love or the pseudo (fake/counterfeit) love that we have created from what we imagine true love should be.

That creation of love that is typically mistaken with "strong lust" for another human being.  A lust so strong that leads us to believe that if we care enough for someone, outside of our family and friends, that it must be love.  It must be love, because you want to be around this person all day, everyday and will do anything to make it happen.  It must be love, because as we have witnessed on television and movie screens, time & effort eventually turn into love.  At some point in time it has to right?

Regardless of the countless arguments, disappointments, lies, break-ups, and even physical altercations, if we keep at this lust, one day it will become Love. 

So I wonder, what is stronger?  A love that is patient, kind, proud, not rude, and not boastful .... or a love that was created from a lustful desire that is so strong that our hearts won't let us give up on it and our mind won't let us believe its not the real deal?  A pseudo love so strong, that you know its wrong, but you have faith that is just as strong in a hope that one day true love will reveal itself to you and everything will be ok...

Just a thought...

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