Wednesday, June 29, 2011

To Plank or NOT to Plank????

That is the question....
A Local news Station observes the "planking" craze.

One reason to have a twitter page: some things just do not become national news until they have reached the twitter platform.  "Planking" is a current craze, although not as new as some may think, that finds people stretched out, laying flat on their stomachs, with their hands by their sides and their nose in the ground, and in the most random of places.

This sensation is not new.  It is said to have started circa 2003, when a couple that frequently traveled got tired of taking boring pictures of all the landmarks during their trip.  They decided to lay face down in some of their photos to liven it up.  The idea supposedly caught on by some Australian kids who took the craze to a new level and posted their pics on social sites.  However,  the death of a 20 year old man, who was planking on the 7th floor balcony of an apartment at 4am in May 2011, brought more attention to the craze.*

Just this week, after the hosts of B.E.T.'s 106&Park posted pictures of the two planking before their show aired, planking then hit twitter!!!  There you could find photos of celebrities (NBA players, reality stars, etc.) and every day people planking in the craziest styles and places.  As some pictures got out of hand (just as everything always seems to be taken to the extreme by someone or another), you could sense the dismay of those on twitter who did not approve.

If you ask them why (besides the trauma of nude and explicit planking photos), they will tell you that "planking" is a term that was used during the years of slavery, when slaves were put on a ship, stacked on top of one another, and forced to be shackled face down on wood planks of the ship.  They will tell you that it is racist and shows your lack of ignorance towards history.  They will then urge you NOT to participate.

What do you think?  Are you going to plank anyway?  Do you think the two forms of planking are related?  Does your participation discredit you as a compassionate for African-American history?  Do you think the fad is harmless, despite the reported death of a participant?  Place your comments here!! I'm on the fence about it myself.

*The inferences on the history of planking are an opinion that was formed by myself after reading several different articles via Internet.  It is not to be taken as the ultimate truth, and I encourage you to research for yourself and formulate your own opinion on its origin. Here is one article I read CLICK HERE!