Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Herman Cain or CAN'T be your next President?


     Lets talk politics.**  We have not done that in a while here.  I want to know your opinions regarding Presidential nominee hopeful, Herman Cain.  As much as I would like to avoid scandalous rumors and allegations against Political hopefuls, I can not seem to shake the story which is "Herman Cain".  Not only is he one of my "Morehouse Brothers", he is also a native of my birth town Memphis, TN.

     Republican Presidential nominee, Herman Cain, has found himself in a world wind of sexual accusations by at least four women.  Cain, at one point, was a front runner for the Republican party.  However, just this week a woman has come forward with allegations that she and Cain carried on a 13year extra marital affair (view video here). Several other women have accused him of sexual misconducting, even alleging that they received settlements in the past to make the allegations go away.
   Cain has aggressively DENIED all the allegations against him.  During the last Republican nominee debate, I tuned in expecting mud to be thrown at Cain, regarding the allegations.  Nothing of the sort came up.  Can he survive these allegations and get back on top?  This week there has been talks that Cain is considering dropping out of the race.  But there were also rumored talks that he would drop out, the same week as the last debate.  So far, Cain has been holding ground and maintaining his 9-9-9 economic plan to change the U.S.

     What do you think?  Should Cain's "troubled past" play a role in his Presidential campaign?  In an earlier Republican nominee debate, the issue of a Presidential nominee's religion was addressed.  Mitt Romney is of the Mormon religion, and it seems to be a majority consensus that Religion should not be a deciding factor in choosing a Presidential Nominee.  Is there a distinguishable difference between one's religion and one's past, that would make you choose one candidate over the other?  Do you think Herman Cain should drop out of the race?

** This post assumes readers have been following the Republican party Presidential nominee race/debate, and does not present any statements as fact.  Statements are based on inferences from several resources including news reports, television, and internet.  You are encouraged to research and follow the candidates for your own understanding of their character and political tactics. ***

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