Friday, August 26, 2011

How to Love

I absolutely applaud Lil Wayne and the producer of this his new video for the single "How to Love".  I am very glad that he decided to use his very large platform to share an important message that we all should spend some time thinking about.

Plenty of blogsites are probably sharing this video.  But for me, it touched a lot of different emotions.  It hit very close to home.  I love the thought and practice of giving Love and being Loved in return.  I love it so much that it truly hurts my heart when those who are closest to me find themselves in a situation where they can't feel the same.

This particular video is a representation of a viscous cycle that women (and I am sure men too) find themselves in on their search for love.  It is unfortunate the pain, fear, and abuse that some women endure in hopes of being truly loved and accepted.  Why do we go through so much torment for Love, when Love is not suppose to hurt?  Psychology commonly proves that humans are a product of their environment.  For instance, those who are sexual abused are more likely to become sexual predators, than those who were not (common Law & Order SVU scenario). 

So is the answer, that those that mistake love for hurt, betrayal, and abuse, have only seen "love" this way?  Of course, in life we have to find our own way.  No one is perfect and you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince.  But why kiss a frog and keep it when it doesn't turn into your prince, and it is obvious a frog does not know how to love you back?  Do we want our children or those who look up to us, to think loving a frog is good enough?

If you've found a perfect and honest love, do you share it?  Do you give it back to those who need it, those who are on the search for it?  Do you do for your neighbor, your colleague, or your friend without expecting anything in return.  Are you living day to day, trying to be a constant reminder that love conquers all, by loving someone else the right way?  Don't just hold it, share it, give it, show someone else how to love!


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