Friday, June 24, 2011

What's Love Got to Do with It?

I have never really made a post on love and relationships.  I by no means am a relationship expert.  However, I am a young woman, and I experience "love" just like I experience everything else I blog about.

Remember the day you decided that certain situations were no longer worth entertaining?  Remember the people who showed you who they truly were over, and over, and over, and over again, and then you finally decided to listen & let them go?  You know, the day you finally determined your self worth & decided to accept nothing less?

Who knows why it takes us so long to realize these things.  Self-worth and dignity, seem like one of the most important characteristics to have in tune with our being.  But, why when it comes to love we are willing to settle, or even put up with the complete opposite of our standards?  Is it a fear of being alone?  If we have already determined our self-worth, why do we seek a love of someone who is unworthy?  Why do we discard that matters of the heart for those who have proven that they won't even take care of it?  I came across this video of a poem entitled "I'll Wait for You." (Shout out to my Soror!!)  I have been replaying it a lot lately.  Please females and males, listen & listen good.  I could NOT have said her words better myself.

( I wanted to post this video the first day I saw it, but I didn't really want to post someone else's work.  But hey, it is spreading a powerful message and adding to this video's views.  I am trying to find her to express my gratitude.)  What do you guys think?  What does love have to do with love?  Relationships, are we together for the sake of being together or are we really following our hearts?

Update:  If you love this inspirational piece and the author as much as I do, I found her facebook page Poet Janette, show her some love.  Clicking her name on this post, will take you there :)

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  1. I love this!!! She was definitely on point with this one. I don't think there is a person alive that can truly say that he/she hasn't put himself into a toxic relationship with the intentions of changing the other person. Or ignoring all the obvious warning signs out of fear of being alone. Once you realize that you are worth more than the pain and the tears, you won't waste anymore time and energy on someone who never really deserved you. God knows what we need and only when we are truly ready will He bless us with real true love.