Saturday, June 11, 2011


I thank God for lessons learned and the amazing way he reveals things so that you learn something NEW everyday.  I am a pretty caring and nurturing person.  I used to have a dog, Leo, that I had to eventually giveaway.  I wanted another one, but at this point in my life, it would still be unfair to have one, as much as I like to stay busy.  So instead, I bought some seeds.

I have become quite the set of "green thumbs".  I've made some mistakes with a few seeds, but right now my Sunflowers are standing tall and strong.  Lately I have noticed that the bottom leaves have been turning brown ... dying!  I thought something was wrong, too much water, too much attention.  I would simply pick off the dead leaves (if you look closely in the pic you will see that there is one dead leave at the bottom of the largest plant), but they would grow back & turn again.

So, I finally decided to research sunflowers to see what I could possibly be doing wrong.  I found out that I was actually doing things right.  It is perfectly normal for the bottom leaves of sunflower plants to wither off and die.  It means that the plant is attempting to begin the reproduction process.  The plant is focusing on developing its head (the big bright yellow leaves and brown center that create the beauty of sunflowers) and the upper leaves.  If you didn't know, sunflowers grow really big and tall.  I will eventually have to move this plant to a larger pot and probably eventually to the ground.

Upon taking care of my plant, I had a revelation.  I made a connection to my plant and the natural course of life.  If this plant is smart enough to stop supplying nutrients and energy to the small "irrelevant" leaves at its bottom that are no longer needed for successful growth and reproduction, why can't I do the same thing?

There is no reason I can't.  Because I can.  Being nuturing and too caring can sometimes be a bad thing, like watering a plant too much.  Sometimes it is good to take a step back and let nature take its course.  Stop giving too much time and energy to someone/some thing that should be able to take care of itself.  Let go of those things that are no longer needed, especially if they are not contributing to your own proper growth and development.  Don't let your worry for the dying and irrelevant make you so paranoid you over water your plant, destroying yourself along with something that was meant to only be there for a season anyway.

Focus on the big picture, yourself, and let the leaves at the bottom, that are no longer providing you any benefit, DIE OFF!

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