Saturday, May 14, 2011


Good News!! No one has to take over for me. (although I am thinking of adding someone to the team, to get more things done, contact me if interested)  Anyway, I'm still alive!!! If you read my previous blog post, you know why I'm saying this.  Recently, I participated in one of life's most thrilling adventures.  I was "literally in the clouds", as my friend so nicely put it.  Click the video below to get an idea of what I did! :)

Yes, skydiving.  There is NO TURNING BACK!! I JUMPED!

Wow!! I still can't believe I did that. The initial jump plays over and over in my head. The mental replay is an instant reminder that I can GO ANYWHERE AND DO ANYTHING, if I make up my mind to JUST DO IT!
 I always said that I would go skydiving ... one day.  My Senior Year of High School, I had the luxury of para-sailing on the beautiful island of Mauritius, Africa.  I felt a new thrill was wellll over due.  Plus, I kinda wanted to shake off the mental restraint of my first year of Law School & "Live a little".  The opportunity presented itself at the perfect time (my Line Sister's birthday, *hearts*) & then the v-neck SuperWoman shirt landed in my lap, I knew it was destiny!!

The next day my Boss asked me "What possessed you?" (lol, in all fun) But, in all seriousness, I embraced the Superman logo years ago & I did one of my first ever blog posts (on myspace, view my archives) about why I connected with it.  I actually derived it from one of my favorite scriptures, Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

I have been so fortunate to live an amazing life and experience some of the most amazing people, places, and things.  I don't want to start preaching, but I owe it all to knowing where my strength lies and knowing who holds my future.  What God has for me, it is for me.  No man, woman, devil, or doubter can take that away.  And, if its my time to go, then its my time to go!  However, God proves to me over and over that he has an extrordinary plan for my life.  I embrace my life lessons and try to see the bright side of things.  No need to stress, because I believe in a higher power. 

I thank him for keeping me & I'm excited about the rest of this journey.  The amazing coast down, once the parachute was released, was absolutely BEAUTIFUL.  If God can see fit to make and nuture so many beautiful things & continue to bless me like he has, I want to stay in his good graces. 
Everyday, just a little closer ..... and BOY DID I GET CLOSE THIS DAY, HUH?

Videotapping the experience was a great decision.  Looking at the pics, it looks like I have a huge belly hanging over my belt.  Its really wind blowing under my shirt... but I never wanna look like that.  Ugh, I have been such a home body with school and work.  I'm getting back in the gym tho.  Just Do IT!!
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  1. Super cool! I've always wanted to skydive, hopefully i'll get the chance soon.

  2. That was AWESOME!!!! U had me dying laughing in the video. LOL