Monday, March 7, 2011 @ the S.E.A. awards 2011 Nominee "Website of the Year", Creator, Shirrelle M. "Role Model of the Year"

On yesterday, March 6, 2011, I attended my first award show, as a blog site. As previously posted, made the S.E.A. ballot back in September 2010. (Previous story here.). The nominations and votes are placed by the public at large. was nominated for "Website of the Year" and I, Shirrelle, was nominated for "Role Model of the Year". S.E.A. stands for Southern Entertainment Awards. This year marked the eighth year the awards have been held. The S.E.A.s are geared toward the recognition of indie artists, producers, models, radio personalities, etc.

So as a first time nominee and a first time attendee, I wasn't sure what to expect. I was certain it would be a great networking opportunity, if nothing else. The show was filled with performances and guest presenters. A lot of the winners were announced on Saturday and the remaining were announced during the award ceremony. Although, did not bring home any awards, it was truly an experience.
However, I was a little disappointed. There were some good performances and one GREAT one, in my opinion. (The women did a superb job) A lot of the winners were not present to pick up their awards. It made me wonder, "Do people take the S.E.A. awards seriously?". There was a nice crowd there, but the crowd did not seem to consist of the "winners". Some of the performances were lack luster. The hostess for the evening even told a group they need to "work on your stage presence". She was telling the truth. Most of the rappers I could not understand.

The S.E.A. awards were created, in my belief, to give the independent artists/entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry, some recognition. The world is full of talent, but unfortunately not everyone makes it to the Grammys. Honestly, If you can't give 110% for the S.E.A. awards, I would even hate to see you at the Grammys. Then again, that goes back to my original question. Are the S.E.A.s taken seriously?

I don't know, maybe it was just me, as a first time attendee. Maybe I set my expectations too high. Its my belief, that you should always put your best foot forward no matter where you are, who your crowd is, and how big or small your crowd is.  I am sure some performers could have done a whole better.

On the other hand, there was one group that even returned to the stage for an encore. A very talented group, by the name of "One Thurd" (bottom right picture), they gave a lot of energy, which in turn brought the energy up in the building. The crowd finally got on their feet. A couple of the women performers did a great job too. The set Dj Dimepiece did with another female artist, was also pretty good.

All in all, it was an honor to be nominated and to attend.  The staff was very efficient and timely in responding to emails and questions via twitter.  I got a chance to network and I applaud all the nominees, artist, and businesses.  I know there are a lot of people out there doing their thing and chasing their dreams.  (Shoutout to my homegirl, Da Ladie, host of Memphis Street Scenes television show, performer, and an Internet radio show personality #BOSS) 
Do you think I sound harsh?  Did you attend the award ceremony?  Do you take S.E.A. nominations and awards seriously?  Does Memphis, the hosting city, take the award show and music conference weekend seriously?  What can we do to improve?  Any one out there aspire to make the ballot next year? 

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  1. I enjoyed my time at the S.E.A awards and Congratulations on your nominations you truly deserve and earned it.

    When it comes to taking the nominations and awards seriously, I think we should because its a great platform for artists, DJ's, and people like yourself to be recognized for their talents and hard work. Its a great way to empower and motivate others to work hard.

    I didn't get to attend the conferences that took place but I heard that it wasn't a good turn out, which is the sad part about it. Attending conferences that can help an artist or those pursuing a career in the music and entertainment business is very important because of knowledge that is given, I love attending events such this to network and learn. The problem is with those who feel as if its not beneficial to them and they know it all and its too many artist who claim they are serious about their career but choose not participate.

    And the city of does not take it seriously at all we can see that from the turn out.

    And to improve we have to support, we have to participate the more we put in the more we get out of it. If this happens I'm sure the S.E.A awards will be bigger and offer a lot more.

    Everyone has the right to dream big (B.E.T. Awards, MTV Awards) but what about growing your dream from something small and learning how to perform (some acts were Terriable) and accept awards ( only a few actually did) before you hit the big stage. Even the the BET awards started small and grew into something major because they learned to embrace the smaller things in the early stages most of the people now wants to fast forward their careers right into bright lights.

  2. the sea awards are no longer taken seriously. most of the winners are rigged. the first 3 sea awards shows were real with alot of industry insiders showing up. now it is just another hood show to make the promoters money. you spend 1000 dollars to get to the show and lodging then if you as to win you get a $25 trophy that they paid $5 dollars for because they bought them in bulk. dont bother going to the show anymore unless you want to win. if you want to win just pay them $500 and they will let you win , thats how it works.

  3. I have attended the SEAs for the last 3 years and I can say that the show producers put forth time and effort to provide a quality event. This is one of few events that actually listen to their guests and make changes to the event. If "anonymous" has concerns, I feel they should address them to the event as for all we know, this could be someone who was nominated & didnt win.

  4. Da Ladie - Thanks for the recognition Shirrelle. As I have stated before, I have attended the S.E.A's before Memphis got hip to it! It started in Nashville and I think the 3rd annual marked the beginning of it being in Tunica! I can say from my experience with attending it has begin to get watered down! At tHE beginning you could bump into anyone from DJ Drama to TJ the DJ's. Now its the same faces. Its hard to network with the same people. To new comers the conferences are extremly beneficial. Far as the actual award show its not the host fault that people dont have attention spans.People like to Congregate. I think it had alot to do with the way the cook convention center was made on the amount of people that where inside the actual award show. At the other venues it was kinda one place to congregate and one entrance to see the awards. The crowds where more controled. I would love to see the S.E.A's back in Tunica! Just my opnion