Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Japan vs. Haiti : RELIEF

I heard an interesting question on the radio the other day. "Why aren't we exhausting relief efforts for Japan, like we did for Haiti?"  On its face, the question suggest American disdain for the the people of Japan.  However, I think the reason is quite more complex than that.

Lady GaGa's "We Pray for Japan"
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Obviously, the economic wealth of Japan surpasses the poverty of Haiti.  Japan sent $17 million to the U.S. after the Septemeber 11th attacks and $12 million after Hurricane Katrina.  They were even able to evacuate at least 300,000 people prior to the March 11th tsunami, which can be contributed to the technological advances that were able to detect the threat of disaster and due to having an emergency system in place.  Unfortunately, as we witnessed, Haiti lacked the man power and the economics to afford such "luxuries".

However, should the fact that Japan is considered "self-sufficient" deter our efforts to assist in relief?  The tsunami has left over 2,475 people dead, over 3,118 missing, and over 1,889 injured.  Japan will definitely need money to rebuild.  Aid is currently needed to provide shelter, food, water, medical supplies, and psychological counseling for a country that has a population of over 127,560,000 people.

When the earthquake hit Haiti, it was a beautiful thing to witness all the relief efforts (telethons, concerts, text donations, etc.) made to assist the people.  Apparently, as a "poverish" country, Haiti would need more assistance than Japan, but I don't think we should ignore them.  Give $10 as opposed to $20, or $.50 as opposed to $1.  Do something!   Even #winning Charlie Sheen has pledged to donate $1 of every ticket to his already sold out shows in Detroit and Chicago to Red Cross Japan Relief.  Below are ways you can help!

Text Red Cross to 90999
Mail: American Red Cross
PO Box 4002018
Des Moines, IA 50340-2018
Capcom is donating all proceeds of Iphone sales of Street Fighter IV

I pledge to give $1 for everyone that comments on this post, ending April 30th.  COMMENT!!

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