Tuesday, December 14, 2010

President Obama signs the Child Nutrition Bill

 "Childhood Obesity" is a growing problem in the United States.  Obesity, in itself, is an issue within the states.  Fast food and addictions to additives and sweets are partly to blame for the quickly developing youth.  Well, in an effort to combat childhood obesity, our first Lady, Michelle Obama, has pushed proper nutrition to the forefront.

On yesterday, Monday, December 13, 2010, President Obama signed the Child Nutrition Bill into law.  The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act is set to replace the junk food found in school vending machines with healthier choices.  The Bill will also increase the number of children who are on the lunch school program ( you remember "free Lunch" at school, for some) and the Bill will reimburse school districts for their lunch meals by six cents (six cents per meal).  This increase will allow more kids to be able to eat lunch and the six cent increase will hopefully allow schools to be able to make better and healthier food choices.

President Obama kisses First Lady Before signing Bill.
 One thing the Parties of Congress can agree on is, "No Child should go to school hungry".  Thanks to this new law 20 million more children will now have access to "After - School Meals".  This is a huge accomplishment, especially for all those "latch-key kids", who will hopefully participate in more after-school programs.  And for those who already stay after-school for extra curricular activities or simply remain to wait on their parents, they will now be provided with the nutrition needed to focus on those activities and homework.

How does this fight Childhood obesity?  If Children are provided full balanced meals throughout the day, they will be less likely to go home and eat junk food and if children are feed during after school programs, parents will be less likely to stop for fast food or order a pizza, now having more time to get home and prepare a meal if needed.


Monday, December 13, 2010

TALENTED: R.I.P. Will Hardaway

I'm From

I'm from where late night sneak and peaks exist on all levels of society
I'm from where downtown J's hits corners and take rest
I'm from neighborhoods where even your neighbor carries a bullet proof vest
I'm from where section 8 housing Which has at least 7 siblings under one roof gets ready for school each and every morning

I'm from Where the mother of those 7 sits home and collects checks and spends it on her neighborhood street pharmacist
I'm from where the trap line is longer than the DMV'S and social security offices
I'm from Where The J's, Doctor's, and lawyers come through daily to get a fix
Not even given a damn on what its mix with

Where boys and girls catches another one's bullet
And is box fitted before reaching puberty
I'm from where my mom raised Seven beautiful children with callings on their lives
Where neither one of us became a product of this environment.
Author: Will Hardaway April 20, 2010
Very Talented Young Man. May he Rest In Peace
April 20, 1985 - December 10, 2010

We all have a Divine Purpose.  Although unknown to us, the time is set for that purpose to be fulfilled.  Our talents are the tools that we use to fulfill that purpose.  Use your God given talents, you never know whose life you will touch.  What are your talents?  Have you ignored them?  Set them on a shelf to now collect dust?  Pull'em out!  Share your gifts here by describing them in a comment.  You may encourage someone else to use theirs.  COMMENT!!