Tuesday, November 30, 2010

World AIDS Day 2010 : Celebrities die from HIV

December 1st, marks World AIDS Day! It is a day of recognition of the impact that HIV/AIDS has on the health of our world.  Last year I did a post that gave some tips on how to protect yourself and others.  It also gave some background on the date!  Check it out HERE!

I decided to provide you all with a list of centers that will be providing FREE HIV/AIDS testing on today and some that give regular free testing.  Most places give the oral test and provide you with results in 20 minutes.  Easy, Quick, and Painless.  Here are the centers below for Atlanta, Memphis, Nashville, New York, L.A., Miami, Washington, D.C. and more!!!

AID Atlanta
1605 Peachtree Street Northeast
Atlanta, GA

Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center
892 S. Cooper Street
Memphis, TN
This Wednesday Only 6pm - 9pm

Planned Parenthood of Greater Memphis Region
2430 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN
Always free and no appointment
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 9am - 6pm
Wednesday & Friday 8am - 4pm

Belcourt Theater (World AIDS day event w/ performances)
2102 Belcourt Ave.
Nashville, TN 37212
doors open at 6pm
Free testing on site, performances, and free prevention products

New York City
Callen Lorde Community Health Center
356 West 18th St at 9th Ave.
New York, New York 10011
Wednesday 2pm - 8pm

Chelsea Clinic (CDC Partner)
303 9th Ave. at 28th St.
New York, New York
8:30am - 4pm

For centers in California, Florida, & Washington, D.C.

Serena Williams poses with her Tennis bouquet of flowers
for the AIDS campaign.
During my search I ran into something quite interesting.  I think this campaign is neat.  Some celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Swizz Beats, Elijah Wood, and Alicia Keys decided to take "death pictures" to support a campaign for HIV/AIDS awareness.  Check the site out HERE to see more pics!!


Too Sheets for the Streets : Raheem Devaughn & Keri Hilson

I don't really care for music videos like I used to. I don't even watch 106 & Park, which is about the only video countdown show still left on the air.  They just don't do it for me like they used to.  Video's hardly match the message of the song these days. (The most popular music often doesn't have a "message", but that's another blog post)  Anyway, two videos in particular have received a lot of attention lately.  Keri Hilson's "The Way You Love Me" and Raheem Devaughn's "She's Single" video.

Keri's video seems to be either a strong HATE it or LOVE it.  I would say the men Love it and the women Hate it, but I've seen some men state their distaste for the video and some women have praised her danced moves.  In my opinion her raunchy dance moves look just like some moves Beyonce does or would do, but Hilson just repeats them "several" times throughout the video.  In other words, I guess Beyonce is a little more discreet with her "pelvis thrust" dance moves.  You know what they say ... a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets ..... this video may have went just a little too sheets for the streets.

Watch Keri Hilson's new video "The Way You Love Me"

DeVaughn's video on the other hand ... has been banned from Youtube for sexual content.  Wow!!  This video is definitely for the bedroom and i guess its too much for the streets... ya know according to Youtube.  Check it out below!  Watch Raheem Devaughn's "She's Single" video

Raheem DeVaughn - She's Single

- Watch more Videos at Vodpod.
What do you think of these two videos?  Keri Hilson's video still remains on Youtube ... does the double standard apply to this situation or is it just the opposite in the video world?? Is it okay for women to raunch out a video but not the men?  Did Keri and/or Raheem do too much?? 
Should "She's single" be banned from Youtube?