Thursday, July 1, 2010

1st of the Month Motivational: Know your WORTH

How much are you worth, a penny, a dime, a dollar coin, $1,000, a gazillion dollars, or an uncapped amount? 

"Don't be a nickle out here searching for a dime..", popular lyrics right now.  In reality, how many of us dimes, consider ourselves worthy of another dime?  How many of us are accepting change that doesn't equal up to a dime and hope that somewhere along the way we'll be able to magically make a dollar out of 15 cents ("a dime & a nickle", lol I couldn't help it)?

I'm not a relationship guru, so I wont narrow this to only relationships.  What we consider our worth to be, can determine our entire lives.

"We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?"

Why don't we consider ourselves worthy of positive affirmations?  Why don't we consider ourselves worthy of being treated like the queen or king that we are?  Who determines if we are KING, QUEEN, or PEASANT?  Is it our parents, our peers, our friends, our co-workers, our educational institutes, our backgrounds, or OURSELVES?
"What a man thinketh, so is he."

As the poem goes..."Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world."

You determine your worth.  How you project yourself is all that the rest of the world has to go on.  They can either love you or hate you, but they can't label you as they see fit, because you have already done that.  If you have not determined your worth, then its pretty much up for interpretation.  And the world is left to treat an object of unknown value, the best way that it knows how.

So I ask you, do you want to be treated as a person with a known value or a person of unknown value?  Do you want to set the grounds for how you are treated, or do you want to go through life "UP FOR INTERPRETATION" to anyone you meet?  Make a choice today!!  It will save you and the rest of the world a lot of time!


Chris Brown the new Michael Jackson

Even to this day it is not uncommon to hear someone make a joke in reference to child molestation and Michael Jackson. You can probably say that you, yourself have made a "jokey joke", at least once in your lifetime. ("I'm no Michael Jackson, I don't play with kids." ; "Do I look like Michael Jackson? Get those kids away from me!") If you haven't made a joke I'm sure you've shared in the laugh of one, just as I have.

With that being said, is it fair to assume that the majority of us, DIE HARD MICHAEL JACKSON FANS, believe he was probably guilty on some accord, even tho he always assumed innocence? Is it fair to assume that most of us, LOVERS OF MICHAEL JACKONS' MUSIC, believe his relationship with kids was inappropriate?

Did not must of us, consider his cosmetic surgeries and altered outside appearance, ODD?

I would say so. However, if a Michael Jackson song comes on, you can't help but move your feet. If anyone tests your love or knowledge of M.J.'s work, you'd defend it and yourself to the death. Right?

Similarly, Chris Brown has participated in inappropriate behavior. His behavior after the incident, we all considered ODD! However, when he dances you can't help but be fascinated with his movement. You recognize his ability to entertain, and similarly to M.J.'s, I assume you don't want the performance to end.

So what's right? Who is worse? Is either one more guilty? Is defending Michael J. right and being a fan of Chris Brown wrong?

Of course, Michael was around for a long time, he is the KING OF POP! He is legendary, he is an Icon. Are we to disown Chris Brown and say that he never will reach such a status? You never know, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger....maybe this test is exactly what this young man needed in order to become great!

Something to think about.....

Check out the video of Chris Brown's tribute to Michael Jackson at the BET awards below.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Anybody can have a GUN!

Supreme Court upheld the 2nd Amendment, the "right to keep and bear arms".  Individuals have a right to keep and bear a firearm, in order to defend their home and their family.

Today the Supreme Court ruled against Chicago's strict ban on firearms.  The Supreme Court urged the lower courts to reconsider their ban on guns.  They reason that the ban violated one of the Constitution's basic rights, to bear arms.  In a majority 5 to 4 vote, the Supreme Court Justices have marked the first time in history that the Constitution restricts state's power, in regards to gun laws.  Meaning, that before this ruling the power to regulate gun control was left to the discretion of each state.  This is why states have different laws, as to what regulations a citizen must follow in order to obtain and carry a gun.  This ruling solidifies that totally banning the possession of firearms goes against an individual's Constitutional right.

Why is this rule significant to you?

As a current law school student, I can tell you that Supreme Court rulings are very significant in the world of law.  The Supreme Court is the "LAW OF THE LAND".  Lawyers look to the holding of previous cases heard and ruled by the Supreme Court to argue a point on behalf of their client.  This ruling opens the door to create a defense for anyone found in illegal possession of a gun ( T.I. for instance?). 

For example, if this ruling had come before T.I. 's trial, his lawyer more than likely would have made a decent argument that the Supreme Court recognizes the right of the individual to hold and bear firearms, and therefore argue that T.I. was not in the wrong for posessing all those weapons. (note: having tooo many firearms may be atype of restirction on guns that a state law can determine)

However, the Supreme Court's ruling does not totally disregard the gun standards set by the states.  They do not argue that some restrictions are needed for gun control.  They do however, believe that every individual should be able to carry a gun, and that citizens should not be totally banned from the right to bear arms.  Now, the states must determine what restrictions are "ok" to support the right for you to carry a gun.

As a citizen do you feel safer because of this ruling, or are you scared for your life?  Just as the right to freedom of speech can be a good thing ( :) ) it can also be a bad thing (tabloids, facebook/twitter bashing, negative news reports, bad music etc.), the right of every individual to bear arms can be equally good and bad.


*keep in mind, owning and carrying a gun are completly DIFFERENT from how you are permitted to use the gun (to protect home & family). Don't think because you have the right to own a gun, you have a right to use it as you please.*