Wednesday, June 9, 2010

NOMINATED!!!! Black Weblog Award!!!

My fellow blog buddy, over at , informed me last week that she had been nominated for a Black Weblog Award; she also nominated for an award (there are 35 different categories, for which a blog can be nominated).  It was not until this time, that I had ever heard of a Black Weblog Award.  However, I thought it was a TOTALLY SWEET & FLATTERING gesture.

The Black Weblog Awards started in 2005, in honor of those black bloggers who frequently went unrecognized by other Internet blog award organizations.  It is my understanding that each year the Black Weblog Awards gets bigger and bigger (as more bloggers/readers/endorsers become aware of its existence, just as I and now you have become aware).  How lucky are you and I, that we are at the forefront of an amazing concept, that I am sure will continue to gain momentum as time goes by?

Its amazing, all nominations and voting of blogs is completely open to the general public.  Anyone can nominate a blog for any of the now 35 different categories.  Nominations are currently being taken and will last until July 25, 2010.  At that point, nominations are tallied and a short list of blogs with the highest number of nominations is then open for general public voting for a brief period of time.  It is the outcome of these votes that determines the winners of each category.

Soooooooo, with that said.  I would love your continued support to expand outside your reading today and carry you to the Black Weblog Awards nominations site and continue the nominations that have already been set in place for, in the categories of "Best Political Blog site", "Best Culture Blog", and "Blog to Watch".  The site has descriptions of each category and instructions on how to complete nominations.

Also, check out my homegirl's site and my fellow Morehouse Brother Donovan's  Blog site they are both AMAZING, RELEVANT, ACCURATE, AND THOUGHT PROVOKING (and they update wayyy often than me)!!! Nominate them as well, for any categories that you see fit, even if its the same as any of the others I have been nominated for. 

Its an HONOR!! Thank you for your support!