Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Trouble in Haiti

Some American citizens have been making headlines in relation to the current state of Haiti. 10 citizens, 5 men and 5 women, were arrested on kidnapping charges. The men and women, who are part of the New Life Children's Refugee based in Idaho, were attempting to take 33 children outside of Haiti. It is suspected these children would be used in an elaborate adoption scheme. The children were between the ages of 2 months and 12 years. The U.S. citizens accompanying the children did not have any papers clearing the children for adoption and no documentation proving the children were orphans.

"We had permission from the Dominican Republic government to bring the children to an orphanage that we have there", stated one of the imprisoned U.S. citizens. In their defense, there was an orphanage that collapsed and they were just moving the children. However, it was confirmed that one of the older children mentioned their parents were still alive and that they were not an orphan. Officials in Haiti "fear children have been flown out of the country without exhausting all means to find their parents".

The Haitian government has halted many types of adoption this month.

In other news, the U.S.A. military is no longer carrying Haitian earthquake victims to U.S. Despite desperate pleas regarding the health of victims, flights have been delayed. Over 100 critically ill patients are on the verge of death if not transported to better hospitals. Some states are not even accepting patients. Patients can also not be transported without a hospital to accept. Florida has reached $7million is medical cost by accepting more than 400 patients. Florida can no longer accept patients, not to mention Florida is expecting an influx of travelers for the Pro Bowl and the Superbowl.

Where, when, and do we need to draw a line for our support of Haiti? It becomes an issue when the proper actions are not being handled correctly. Also, does it become an issue when we put the health and safety of our own people at jepoardy (for example, over crowded hospitals in Florida during one the biggest sports weekend of the year)?
Should that matter?


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TURN it UP TUESDAY: Corinne Bailey Rae

Dubbed as one of the hottest females to come out of the UK in the past 20 years, Corinne Bailey Rae, is a force to be reckoned with. She recorded and released an album, while unsigned, in 2006, and singles from that album reached the Billboard top 20. Whats the chances of that happening? She has sold 4 million albums world wide, and is releasing her second album at the age of 30.

Rae has gone through some very tough times, including the loss of her husband in 2008. She writes her own lyrics and plays the guitar. You can feel her heart and soul in every track. Good music is when you can feel that the artists feelings are real. Anyway, you can listen to her by clicking the link below. This track has not been released, the title of this track is "Till it Happens to You". In the spirit of the month of love, Valentine's Day, the song is about relationships. However, its not focusing on all the lovey dovey sweet parts of love, but on how love can sometimes turn cold. Everyone wants to be loved but we rarely think about the bad times you may encounter. She makes breaking up sound good tho! Take a listen!

Monday, February 1, 2010


"Only he who can see the invisible can do the impossible." Frank Gaines

1st of the MONTH: Dont Spend your tax REFUND on stupid S*it!

Its the first of the MONTH, & you know what that means. A CHANCE TO START ANEW!! This month's focus, FINANCES. I meant to do this post earlier last month. Oh well, if you're still like me, you may be waiting on a w-2. Here are a few tips that can keep you away from making some common mistakes on your tax return.

- Keep business and personal affairs separate (for all you with the side
- Keep good records
- Respect and keep those 1099s (check for any errors on your w-2)

Don't you hate living check to check? What happens if you call in sick one day or sit at home for a snow day, and your check is a couple dollars short? You're wondering about what the next day is going to bring. That sucks. I challenge you to look into different forms of investing. Forget putting dollars under your mattress. Put your money and your savings to work. What if you had put $50 in a CD or a savings account 3 years ago when you got your tax refund, how much do you think you would have now?

- Put a set amount of cash on re loadable gift cards for stores that you frequent
(keeps you from spending cash on what you want instead of what you need)
- Get a budget buddy (someone who can help hold you accountable with finances)
- INVEST - ( 401k, place in equity mutual funds, exchange trade funds, invest)
- Protect heirs (create a living trust)

While writing this piece, my aunt has me watching Dave Ramsey. Think about how different your life could be if you were debt free! Get your check and and it belongs to only you and a house note/rent. Sounds nice huh? We can do it. All we need is a few life changes.

This month I am going to try and make some changes.
- I pay for a gym membership every month, and since I bust my knee in November
ive only been 3 times (shame on me, before i was going HAMM, SEXY BACK NOW)
- Im a recovering shopaholic, when i first moved back to Memphis, i shopped for
fun, & because I could afford it (ummm yea, time out for that)
- Frequent trips to Atlanta on weekends (dont judge me, but Mtown doesn't compare
and I miss my homies, and my life there *another story*) TIME OUT FOR THAT
- IM a social butterfly, so I try to get out and meet new people AS OF NOW IVE
- I like purses, big & different style purses. I also get bored with the others
after my new one, I have some nice ones still in good condition. (I may sell
hit me up if your interested)
For my chicks that have to stay fly check out these sites you can "fake it
till you make it, NO ONE WILL KNOW &

What small changes are you willing to make? Share, you may help someone else :)