Friday, January 29, 2010

SuperBowl Commericals & Controversy

I follow sports, and I'm a sports fanatic (GOOOO GRIZZ & GOOOOO MEMPHIS TIGERS *HOMETEAM LOVE**). I think this year's Superbowl game will be a decent matchup. Not really expecting one team to blow out the other, and make it boring. Butttt, in case that does happen, we always have the commercials. This year a ad during the Superbowl this year ( according to CBS) is running companies $2.6 million for just 30seconds. You figure any company that pays that much, can say pretty much whatever they want, RIGHT? WRONG!

You may recognize the man above, one of the most popular college football players this season, Tebow, of the Florida Gators. I heard the news of a commercial he and his mom will be featured in this year during the Superbowl. Surprisingly enough, this ad will be about abortion rights.

The ad is pro-life and follows the story of Tebow's mother, Pam, who while pregnant was encouraged by doctors to abort her pregnancy when she contracted amoebic dysentery during her pregnancy. Pam refused, and as we can all clearly see, Tebow turned out just fine, in fact maybe better than average. Of course, pro-choice advocates are not happy about this message. And some others think, its just not the place and time to discuss such views. My question is, if not here, when? Below is what Tebow had to say to his critics.
"I know some people won't agree with it, but I think they can at least respect that I stand up for what I believe, and I'm never shy about that," Tebow said. "I don't feel like I'm very preachy about it, but I do stand up for what I believe. Unfortunately in today's society not many athletes tend to do that. So I'm just standing for something."

The Superbowl commerical attracts a large and diverse number of people, national and internationally. What do you think? Pro-choice or Pro-Life, they paying that money to get that time, so......

On a lighter note, I decided to see what else may be in store for the Superbowl this year. Take a peek below, of course it includes cars and girls, for you sports men.

Bridgestone will be airing two different commericals (we know who has money right?). Check out this one below, "Your Tires, Your LIfe". Its just a sneak peak, urging you to make good decisions for your life, by having good tires.

Hyundai Superbowl Commercial set to feature Brett Favre


WOMaN vs WOMen

Ok, im the type of person to redo my facebook status or erase and re-tweet a tweet if i spell one word wrong. Dont judge me, thats just how I am. Im not perfect but when i recognize a mistake I correct it. And English was a favorite subject of mine, not to mention, I like to I kinda have a niche for properly used grammar.

Being in the cyber world, there is one word that i find commonly mis-used. I noticed it in my myspace days, then to my facebook days, and now my twitter and blog life. The word "WOMEN".

Now it really urked/bothered me, that so many people typed the word "women" when they were speaking in a singular sense, and should thus type the word "woman". I thought this was so elementary, 2nd grade. Why do we not know better? After a well known NBA star tweeted the misuse of this word and I read it to my younger cousins, (after well all had a huge laugh, sorry), I decided to see if other people were noticing this.

Am I alone? Am I wrong? Maybe, i just skipped that day in elementary school and just assumed to use "women" for plural and "woman" for singular, when referring to just one woman.

Help me out! Comments?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Union Addresss: For Next Election or Next Generation?

On last night, Wednesday January 27, 2010, President Obama gave his first State of the Union Address to Congress. For 220 years it has been a traditional duty of the President to give information on the "State of our Union" (United States of America). You may or may not know, I majored in Pre-Law at Spelman College. I find pleasure in discussing Politics and hearing other's opinions. I also know that some of the political verbiage may sound like a foreign language to those who didn't study the subject, or those who never had an interest in politics. So I'm giving a overview of some keys points from last night's address.

"Jobs must be our #1 focus for 2010"

President Obama called for a new job bill that will add 1 1/2 million jobs by the end of the year. Here are some points from his speech on jobs.

- 2million Americans have gone back to work since he took office (200,000 construction/energy & 300,000. teachers)
- Economy growing after a 2 year recession (thanks to Stimulus Bill
- Proposed a New Job Bill
- $30 billion to give to community banks to help create small businesses and therefore creation of American based Jobs
- Tax credit to small business that hires new workers or increases wages
- Tax incentives for large & small businesses
- Create jobs that promote clean & efficient energy
- Slash tax breaks for companies that ship jobs over seas

"No interest in punishing banks, but an interest in saving the economy"

Financial Reform was another key topic in the address. The House of Reps has already passed a financial reform Bill, which lobbyist are now trying to kill (keep from passing in the Senate).

- Incentives for clean energy jobs & households
- Create Comprehensive Energy & Climate Bill
- Export more goods (sell more equals more $$ for new jobs)
- Create National Export initiative to support farmers and small businesses
- Enforce trade agreements & hold partners liable for its terms
- Open Global Markets (S.Korea, Asia, Panama, etc.)

"Best anti-Poverty solution is a World Class Education"

President Obama called for Education Reform. He spoke on investing in American skills and the education of our people. He will reward success in an attempt to raise student achievement.

- Revitalize Community Colleges
- $10,000 tax credit for four years of college
- Increase Pell Grants
- Graduates will pay no more than 10% of income on loans
- Student loan debt forgiven in 20 years, 10 years if you get a job in public service
- Lower the overall cost of higher education

"I will not walk away from those Americans and neither should this chamber"

President urged Congress not to walk away from Health care reform, and to finish the job for the American People. (The House & Senate both passed Health Reform Bills, however their terms were different. They now have to come into agreement on ONE bill to be submitted for law. *visit my earlier post from this year on the pass of Health Reform in the House of Reps. By viewing my list of previous post to the left side of this page*)

Obama also spoke about the nation's monetary defecit. We are currently $4 trillion in national debt. He confirmed that $1 trillion of that was added during his term. He emphasized the fact that he came in office during our economic bailout. "Federal government should tighten their belt & make tougher decisions, just as the American people are forced to do."

- 2011 freeze government spending for 3 years ( Social Security, National Security, Medicare & Medicad will not be affected)
- Eliminate programs not needed
- No tax cuts for those who have incomes over $250,000 a year
- Publish all Earmark request online so Americans can vote and see how their money is being spent

The address ended on a call to also eliminate the trust defecit that exist between Congress and the American people. Here were a few points from that address.

- Work together & stop competition between parties
- Begin to bring troops home in 2011
- Move combat troops out of Iraq by end of August

Improved U.S. efforts
- Support military families
- Stopped attempted Christmas terrorist attack
- Leader in fight against climate change
- Continued fight against HIV
- Repeal law that denies gays the right to serve in the Country's military
- Equal pay for equal days work
- Fix broken immigration system (secure boarders)
- Strengthen public health abroad

All in all, the address served its purpose, to give us an update on where we stand as a nation. We have made some strides, but we still have a way to go. Obama said he never said it would be easy. The American people still have a spirirt of determination for a life of Fundamental Decency.

Oh and First Lady Obama's hair looked great! I had to post a picture of her.

Did you watch the State of Union or address? Or did this post catch you up? Either way, how'd you feel about the current state of Politics?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

TURN it UP TUESDAYS: Usher "There Goes my Baby"

Usher is set to release his next album on February 16th of this year. It seems like he has several singles out right now. (Sign them papers *see previous post on this song* and Daddy's Home) One fan favorite, already, is "There Goes My Baby". Raymond coons over the chorus! The song simply describes a partner's affection and definition of a relationship. You know you have found the "one" and you're not afraid to tell the world "There she goes, there he goes".

Sounds like this cd maybe right on time for you coupled up Valentine's Day Sweethearts (for those that can last just two days after). Is the Usher we know, smooth and seductive, back with the release of his newest cd “Raymond Vs Raymond”?

Press play on the player below, and you be the judge of this new track!


Monday, January 25, 2010


"Always dream and shoot higher than you know how to. Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself." William Faulkner