Monday, November 22, 2010

ThanksGIVING .. Ways to GIVE back this Season

This week is Thanksgiving! Whats a better way to be thankful than to give back?  Genuinely being thankful requires that we cease to complain and be thankful for what we have.  We can recognize what we have and appreciate it more, when we reflect on those who may not be as fortunate.  In a moment all we have can be taken away by some drastic change of events.  On the other hand, we can make the world of a difference in someone else's life by donating just a moment of our time and/or resources.  Below is a list of volunteer events and some websites that can give you some ideas for servicing your community. 

The Salvation Army is always at the forefront during the holiday season.
The ringing of bells outside stores with red buckets signify that the time has come to be generous and giving.  You may or not be familiar with Angel Tree.  This is a Salvation Army initiative that connects community donors with less fortunate children in the community, by allowing donors to pick an "angel" ( young child, girl or boy), and familiarize themselves with their gender, age, and Christmas list.  Donors can then purchase things on the list and drop them off at the local mall.  Not only can you become a donor and pick an angel, Salvation Army needs volunteers to help at donation centers.

Toys for Tots is similar to the Salvation Army "Angel Tree".  However, it is not as personal.  You can simply make a toy donation for any child at locations that are designated as donation centers.  Not only can you donate at your local stores, you can donate online, by mail, through pay pal and ebay.  They also allow you to donate your old junk car.  You can also make a donation in memory or in tribute of a loved one. SWEET!

Think you are just too busy to volunteer any time or too poor to donate any toys or money??? Think again. There are a lot of organizations that make donations on your behalf, just for your participation in regular activities.  All you busy parents can teach the meaning of the season to your children.  For every letter your children write and you drop it off at Macy's, they will make a $1 donation to the Make - A - Wish foundation.  Too easy!!

Below are some national websites and some local websites that will provide you information on volunteering this Season, whether its helping to feed the homeless or donating gently worn clothes.  Check it out Memphis, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Ohio, and more...   - National information - National information  - National information  - Atlanta information - New York information  - New York information  - Ohio information  - Los Angeles information
Sober House  - Memphis, make donations for food Thanksgiving food baskets 901-581-2860

Don't hesitate to begin your own community service intiative where you see help is lacking. Get a group together and take some cookies to the nursing home or something! Warm Hearts for EVERYBODY! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Send pictures of your or a friend servicing your community and/or ideas for service to

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