Friday, November 12, 2010

Ambitious Feature: Lil C & The New B.M.F.

Transforming Negative into Positive

Today's feature is a current young professional and a proud first time business owner.  However, he is not a stranger to the benefits of being in business for yourself.  Corey, better known as, Lil' C was recently featured on the History Channel's series "Gangland", sharing his insight on the movement formerly known as B.M.F. (Black Mafia Family).  I say "formerly" known as, because Lil' C is now the Co-Fonder of the New B.M.F., Building More Families.  Check his story below:

Be your own Boss! Read a book, our people
parish for lack of knowledge.

What made you decided to participate in the Gangland series to speak on B.M.F.?
I was involved with that movement.  I received a call on behalf of Meech, asking me to participate.  I really had no choice.  I am a representative of how something  positive came from that movement.  I used to live that life of cars, money, clothes, and women that people dream and rap about.

As a new business owner, how has your perspective changed about earning money compared to the life you used to live?
As a business owner you have to have patient.  I am learning the ins and outs of the business, I see it differently from how a patron would see it from the outside.  Instead of the instant gratification, I'm growing my business.  Success won't happen over night.  Its like having another big bill (paying employees, inventor, etc.), until the business starts paying for itself.

"rats will always get trapped looking
for the cheese."

What is the new B.M.F.? Elaborate on the Building More Families initiative.
I am Co-Founder, along with Meech's Mom.  Its new, four months in the making.  We are basically providing insight and support to kids who have parents in jail or vice versa.  We want to educate on the laws that effect our communities.  Its also a community service initiative, giving back to the people.  Building More Families proves we can "we don't always have to take from the community without giving back.".

What do you think about celebrities, T.I. & Wiz for example, portraying the life of fast money and are now in and out of jail?Celebrities put out what sounds good and artists are getting caught up
trying to live that life.  T.I.'s actions are like a slap in the face to the system.  But you can't believe everything you hear in the media.  I have been
scrutinized for untrue statements, so I won't be judgemental.

      What's next for Lil' C, what your goals or aspirations?
I'm looking into opening up a dance studio or karate studio.  I want to build the community back to where it used to be, when "we had our own dollar".  We are quick to say were going to go out and buy some Chinese food or whatever, but we need to support our Mom & Pop stores and spend money in our communities.

Check out Solutions Grill located at
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Atlanta, GA 30310
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  1. Yo, I what he's doing is REAL Good for the community. It's always good when someone takes something that has been betrayed as "bad" over the years, and turn it into something good. We've been doing that for years, but alot of our young people are starting to lose sight of that. I can relate to this a lot actually. I once was caught up in the same lifestyle of money, cars, drugs, etc. And by the grace of GOD I escaped without injury or jail time. Even though there were multiple close calls, I look at those as The Lords calling to do better or face the inevitable. So I took alot of my resources and helped others by investing in people I knew, and other positive things. Whether it was giving back to kids for holidays or just helping whoever, whenever. I like the quote "Success doesnt happen over night." Very True, although people tend to think it does. But to give back to the community like "Lil C" is doing, I consider that Success in itself.. Nice Work!..


  2. Whats up lil c whats going on this lil c from carolina that came through your bar a while ago with calvin and thomas . What u doing is positive you came from a negative background and made something positive out of it. Everything happens for a reason. They say once success come alot of people turn they back on u because ur doing something they wanted to do but they was affraid of failing or what people would think. Life is
    what you make it. You have to climb the ladder and go through stuff this is what makes you stronger. Keep doing what u doing...