Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today marks one year since I registered  This is not the day I began to blog, however.  I started off with a simple blog account entitled

I also officially did my first blog on MySpace years ago.(you can view those post on this site, archived under my 2009 post).
When I registered the domain I did have visions of it becoming a household name.  I imagined being as big as and Mediatakeout but with a Positive twist.  I wanted to be the opposite of other popular sites but still relevant.

With all the blog has achieved in just one year, I say "so far, so good".  What do you think?
I appreciate all my followers, supporters, and readers.  All I ask is, as we go forward not only will you read and discuss with me and others, but also share your thoughts through a comment when you are urged to respond.  With your participation we can take this site to new heights!!!

With that said, post a comment on this post sharing your favorite blog post so far and why you like the site and what you hope to see from me in the future.

Show your support and celebrate with me in Atlanta next Saturday for's Blogaversary & Breast Cancer Awareness Benefit! It is going to be Awesome!!!!! See ya there!
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  1. I'd have to say my Favorite Bloq was,.... Of course the one you did about me "Ambitious 2nd Feature RockStar D" LOL.. But honestly I like the whole series of "Ambitious" blogs. The fact that you showed interest in people that you personally knew and supported was a great thing. Although ALL the blogs you've done over this past year (Congrats by the Way), those Blog post really hit close to home. The different stories of each artist give you a first hand view on their careers and what encourages them to be Ambitious. Keep up the good work... "Like a DJ Breaks Artist, You Break People" -D.Carter

    P.s. Some of my other favorite blogs were the "Man Acquitted of the shooting Death of Rapper Dolla" and the "Sports... Guns, Lies, Infidelity, & Death".. Nice work!

  2. My favorite one so far if I actually had to choose one is the one I recently commented on the media and how bad press is better than none at all which holds true outside entertainment. Think about it, even if someone talked shit about this blog, people will still know about it because someone took the time to plan that course of action. Regardless, people still know about Super Relle and