Monday, October 11, 2010

Bad Press?!? :Soulja Boy, Morehouse, & Bishop Eddie Long

What do Soulja Boy, Morehouse College, and Bishop Eddie Long all have in common?
Kat Stacks posted a video alleging that Soulja Boy used cocaine.

4 young men now allege, Bishop Eddie Long used money and power
to sexually seduce them, as underage boys.

Vibe Magazine published an article with this heading, addressing the year old dress code at Morehouse College.

They have all recently failed victim to some bad press.  One, an artist that is suppose to be known for his "musical talent", another, an educational institution that is known for its creation of "Men" of a higher standard, and the other, a Bishop that is the known Christian leader of a  religious institution that influences thousands of people. Despite their "purpose", due to the current media attention they have received, they are now known as a "crack head", a homophobic institution that limits expression and a pedophile "pimp".

Unfortunately, despite the validity (truthfulness) of these media claims, these are their new names.

What, if anything, does this mean for Soulja Boy, Morehouse College, and the Bishop?

Soulja boy has two new singles out right now.  Does the "crack head" allegation stop you from buying his cd or bobbing your head to his music?

Morehouse enrolls several thousand students each year.  Did the dress code and  the allegations of "gay bashing"  discourage thousands more from applying and attending this year?

Bishop Eddie Long has more than one church and a school, and when he addressed his congregation, the entire church was filled.  Do you think next Sunday it will be empty?
Congregation of New Birth, the day Bishop Long addressed them after chargers were filed.
Is there such thing as bad press?  When we see and hear these allegations, do we really believe them or do we just go along with the times for "goodness sake"?  For example, the Soulja Boy story has practically been forgotten and people are now deciding if they like his new single or not.

Do we take press and allegations seriously, not seriously enough, or not seriously at all?  Or, is "no press, bad press" because it grabs your attention for the moment, increases recognition for the victim, and likely diminishes after just a short period?   THINK ABOUT IT!

While you ponder..... remember when Kat Stacks and Fabolous had "beef" and it was believed that someone from his circle was involved when she was smacked in a restaurant?  Well, take a listen to the remix of Marsha Ambrosius' new single "Cheat on You", featuring Fabolous and Maino.  Listen for the reference and think about why the reference was made and who will benefit from it. Click below to listen!


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  1. The media is a hype machine about 50% of the time. Today, instead of searching for truth and validity, we look at the entertainment value. In my opinion, all press eventually becomes "good" press because the goal is to be seen or noticed. Think about Glenn Beck for example. Not too many people, in some of my circles heard of him before his 9-12 rally in which he mentioned Dr. Martin Luther King, now he has a site and tons of people supporting his movement. The same will happen with S.B, Morehouse, Katt Stacks and Bishop Long. Hell, we have off-topic discussions about him, the whole campus knows his name and some have never heard of him until the "media" started to go at him.

    P.S. Congrats on 1 year soror. I'm proud of you.

  2. Majority of the time I dont believe much of what the media says at all. Some of it is a small perecentage of beleiveable but being that I like facts sometimes it takes a bit more to sway me. Media can do harm and good for example the Lester Street Murder Trial and also the 1st 48 Show many people derived their opinions of what and how it happened and who and who did it. The media can taint a good situation and make it good bad.