Saturday, August 7, 2010

Not Only for ME

I used this same title in high school when I wrote an essay for a scholarship application.

The essence of the essay was how I aspired to go to college so that I could use my education to come back and help further the community. So, the support of the scholarship would not only bennefit me, but will benefit the entire community.

I still stand by every word. However, now its a little more personal, now that I have nieces that I would die for.

I am beginning my first year of Law School. I have a wonderful support system, great family, wonderful friends and sorors. That in itself is a blessing! I recognize that, and I understand that everyone is not as fortunate. That is why I strongly advocate for mentorships.

In life we aspire to do many things. We search the world in search of ourselves and our purpose in the world. Lets take some time to reflect on the people and the experiences that were influential in that process and send them a random word of gratitude, if you have not lately.

Lets also remember that we too will play some influential role in someone else's lives around us. Be it a positive or negative influence, is up to us. As much as we may like life to be all about us, someone else is watching our every move, looking up to us and mimicking the things we do.

So our attitudes, our goals, our aspirations, our lifestyles are not only reflections of us, but also examples for the people around us.

As for me, I aspire to be great. I aspire to be a positive role model for my nieces and any child from a single parent home, to show them that any goal they wish to achieve can be accomplished with hard work. With God all things are possible, and no matter what anyone says, if you want it you can have it!!

Author's note: I won the scholarship contest and the above picture is my little niece trying on a pair of my heels and my boots!

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