Sunday, August 29, 2010

No one is Exempt!!

How appealing is this lady to you?

Nice, attractive lady right?

She is an International POP STAR!!

Not the image that comes to mind when you think of someone who is HIV positive.  Probably not the image you think of when you think of someone who knows they have the disease, but still will engage in UNPROTECTED SEX with YOU!

Well believe it! The lady pictured above has done just that.  She is currently on trial for knowingly spreading the disease.  She admits that she "Made a mistake" having sex with at least three men without protection (one of which has been confirmed to now be HIV positive).

She genuinely sounds sorry!  Unfortunately her excuse for not exposing her status was the fear of breaking up her Pop group!

What kept her from using a condom?

Currently, a well known sexually rampant woman has stated she had unprotected sex several times with a well known rapper!!

What's the problem?? If a pop princess won't reveal her HIV status to her partners do you think a woman hungry for celebrity status will or any regular joe/jane with nothing to loose will??

It's up to you & only you to protect yourself by using a condom & knowing your & your partner's status.

No one is EXEMPT, not celebrity, not joe or jane, not me, & NOT YOU!!


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