Thursday, July 29, 2010

Please, SHUT UP!

R.I.P. Lorenzen Wright

*BLOG UPDATE this post has been changed from its original text. Author wishes to change her writer's voice, in hopes that this posting will reflect more positively on the mindset of its readers. Don't believe everything you hear. Author recommends reading another article that asserts the same message as this post, but in a more eloquent matter.**

Who doesn't love a piece of big "Juicy" gossip?

The sensitive details of anyone else's life has got to be more entertaining than our own, right?

The sports world mourns the lost of 13 year NBA player, Lorenzen Wright. On just yesterday. Wednesday July 28, 2010, the body of the player was found dead. His death is an apparent homicide. Aside from several gun shot wounds and casings found at the scene (and a possible 911 call from his cell), that's all WE (the common people) KNOW about his death.

As a citizen of the midsouth that gave birth to Wright and his passion for basketball, I too was able to witness his development. As a young basketball player, I too had the opportunity to meet him and witness his presence as he gave back to his own High School Alma Mater. As a hometown fan, I too screamed his name from the stands of the Memphis Pyramid as he took the court to showcase the skills possessed in OUR city!

Those are the memories of him that I can share and speak about with confidence, because I WAS THERE! I was a witness to his character. However, I was not present in his personal life nor with him on his last days on this good Earth. So therefore, I can not say with confidence when, why, who, or HOW this tragedy occured.

Just roaming the city of Memphis, like I would on a regular day, I've heard the wildest things about the HOW, the WHY, and some people even have the nerve to suggest the WHO (the who that knows what happened & the who that did it)!! How could you possibly know, if you weren't there to witness??

That is how rumours get started!! So if you can't speak your story with confidence.... what's the use? Some weak minded people will take your words & run with them. Then it can be assumed that you were there and have some insight that needs to be shared with the police!! .... I mean that's what happens if gossip falls on the wrong ears.

SMH! Just think about what you say. How can a man RIP or a family mourn in peace with all the extra unecessary babble. Have some respect & pass my words along! COMMENTS! Feel free to share your own truthful memories here!
My prayers go out to his family, friends, fans, & OUR CITY!

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  1. KUDOS A MILLION TIMES OVER!!! Relle, its crazy that this is the post you said you went Diva Dish style on ROFL. I JUST posted a FB status saying pretty much the same thing. I'm SO sick of people saying things and making assumptions about something so serious. Someone asked me to give the "411" yesterday on it. I sholl as hell ignored it because this is NOT a situation that I will speak on because guess what... I DONT KNOW SH*T about it!!! This is not a situation that you spread what you've "heard" on. In my post I added videos from news sources but thats it. I've heard SO many things and seen even more, although I do know some things I bet you wont see me mentioning it on the world wide web. Like you said, how can he RIP or his family mourn properly with people pulling this BS? It's sad!! Oh and something thats REALLY irritating me is the fact that they keep holling he was "broke". STFU, I'm sure HIS "broke" and OUR "broke" are two TOTALLY different things. He could have still had a few million and that be considered "broke" for him. Just leave it to the police (even tho I dont trust them either, SMH) and stop with the assumptions. Great post honey!! ;)