Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chris Brown the new Michael Jackson

Even to this day it is not uncommon to hear someone make a joke in reference to child molestation and Michael Jackson. You can probably say that you, yourself have made a "jokey joke", at least once in your lifetime. ("I'm no Michael Jackson, I don't play with kids." ; "Do I look like Michael Jackson? Get those kids away from me!") If you haven't made a joke I'm sure you've shared in the laugh of one, just as I have.

With that being said, is it fair to assume that the majority of us, DIE HARD MICHAEL JACKSON FANS, believe he was probably guilty on some accord, even tho he always assumed innocence? Is it fair to assume that most of us, LOVERS OF MICHAEL JACKONS' MUSIC, believe his relationship with kids was inappropriate?

Did not must of us, consider his cosmetic surgeries and altered outside appearance, ODD?

I would say so. However, if a Michael Jackson song comes on, you can't help but move your feet. If anyone tests your love or knowledge of M.J.'s work, you'd defend it and yourself to the death. Right?

Similarly, Chris Brown has participated in inappropriate behavior. His behavior after the incident, we all considered ODD! However, when he dances you can't help but be fascinated with his movement. You recognize his ability to entertain, and similarly to M.J.'s, I assume you don't want the performance to end.

So what's right? Who is worse? Is either one more guilty? Is defending Michael J. right and being a fan of Chris Brown wrong?

Of course, Michael was around for a long time, he is the KING OF POP! He is legendary, he is an Icon. Are we to disown Chris Brown and say that he never will reach such a status? You never know, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger....maybe this test is exactly what this young man needed in order to become great!

Something to think about.....

Check out the video of Chris Brown's tribute to Michael Jackson at the BET awards below.


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  1. Ok oK, I loved the show! THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT HIS PERFORMANCE WAS: A SHOW!! What better way to win Amercia back than to cry on on e of the most anticipated award shows?!?! Maybe he was moved by the song?? I loved his performance! The song itself is a good message. As far as him being NEXT MICHAEL JACKSON.... NOTTTTT!!!!!! I support him and damn near cried when I saw the tears fall from his face, but do I think it was an act??HELL YES Next thing you know, Karrine Steffans (or how ever you spell her name) will be crying over the next dildo she sees.. I'm Just Saying

    ~Hype Girl