Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hip Hop Statistics

Crack the lyrics : Lyfe "Statistics"

*BEFORE WE GET INTO THIS LET ME SAY, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SONG BY LYFE JENNINGS!! If you haven't heard the track you can listen here.  I think it has come at a time well needed, where "blond bombshells" and newly transformed "bad girls" are prominent displays for relationship advice for our young women. Also recognize music is for entertainment, however this blog seeks to generate CRITICAL THINKING, by discussing popular culture.*

The song, Statistics, is an offer of tactics to women to recognize and keep a "good man".  The statistics come into play, when Lyfe generates a percentage of categories to describe ALL MEN!  Basically, Lyfe is giving you his opinion of the different ways you can describe a man.  Every man fits in at least one of the categories he suggests, based on the way they act.  In his opinion, only 10% of men in the entire population are "good" and worth keeping around if you want to be in a healthy relationship.

Here  is Lyfe's breakdown:
25% of all men are unstable
25% of all men can't be faithful
30% of them don't mean what they say
and 10% of the remainin' 20 is gay
That leaves only a 10% chance of finding YOUR MAN
15% of all men got a complex
15% of all men don't practice safe sex
20% of them are from homes without a father
so there's a 50/50 chance that you'll marry a coward

Using Lyfe's lyrics do you think that all men can be labeled in at least one of these categories (unstable,unfaithful, liar, gay, complexed, sexual promiscuous, or fatherless & therefore potentially soft or unmanly)?  If a man fits in one of these categories is he unable to be a "good man"?  Is a man that does not fit in one of these categories the perfect man?
Lyfe also suggests some rules women can follow to keep the perfect man, don't be a booty call, don't be the other woman, be celibate (make him work for it), and be the person you want to find.  Do you think these rules will work (need more rules, need less)?

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  1. I like the song as well but it kinda rubs me the wrong way a little bit. From being around and in relationships with different types of guys, I feel that some but definetaly not all men fit at least one of these statistics.

    Lyfe sings of statistics meaning proven facts which are known or maybe even accepted by society. He states that all but 10% of men fit in a catagory of bad statistics but yet he offers women advice on how to find and keep a good man.!? I feel if these statistics about men are true then that's who he should be singing to! Seems like Lyfe suggests that these stats about men may or may not change but women should be on the straight and narrow no matter what? I believe if a man really wants a good woman, he will put forth his best effort to do the right things and/or change and not fall for an indecent woman. I mean who wants to be apart of a bad statistic.....change can be good! Women have to get it together (and as for me, if u ask me I'm ready!) Lol but guess gots to get it together as well.! That's all I'm saying...