Sunday, May 9, 2010

What's Wrong with Black Women?

I don't know why, but it seems to me that black women have been getting a tongue lashing lately.  It may very well be in part to certain new television shows that have been displaying the "reality" of black women. Just maybe......

I was compelled to touch on this subject after the TV One interview with Minister Farrakhan.  Kathy Hughes asked Min. Farrakhan how he felt about black men dating outside their race.
"There has always been this desire in black men to have white women."
He confirmed the notion that black men are not afraid to date outside of their race.  That desire makes them completely open to explore the possibilities. 

However, black women are considered the least likely of any group, to date others.

Regina King did an interview with Vibe magazine, of which she stated,
"Black women are limiting their options when it comes to dating non-black men." 
She confirmed the notion that black women are too "picky" and attributes our state to low self-esteem, and too much focus on what a man may think about us.

I also, recently came across the title of a book entitled "Why Black Women Are Alone", that was written by two men.  How they got the answers, I DON'T KNOW!

As a young educated black woman, I admit we do have our flaws, just as everyone else.   It is true that we outnumber our black men ( not even counting the huge percentage of them that are in our prison system).  However, I don't find it faulty the loyalty that one may project in continuing black unity. Now the long list of other requirements (i.e. diet, job, looks, genes) is a nuisance towards the limited amount of black men that are available.  It is only when these requirements get in our way of mating with available men, that we are at fault.  We are not to be faulted for having a small pool to choose from.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we should not date outside our race. I like to think that LOVE IS BLIND!  However, if our women want to hold on to HOPES of their black men, then why not?  After all, black women have always been the pillar of the black community. If they aren't committed to it, then how will the black community continue?

Is it possible to dream of that unity but still be open to the possibilities of other options?

COMMENTS!! especially my women, single or not!

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  1. Personally, it doesn't bother me when I see a black woman dating outside of her race. I do hate when either a fellow African-American male or someone else of another rationality say, "Hey, as an African-American male, doesn't that bother you?" To answer that question, no it does not. I have a beautiful African-American princess that I love dearly and no one else matters to me. I think that everyone should be concerned with their own beliefs and preferences instead of others. If someone prefers to date outside of their race, then I think they should do what they feel in their heart. If someone of another race makes you happy, then be with that person. I don't consider it selling out or limiting your options either way.