Sunday, May 23, 2010

Man ACQUITTED of the shooting Death of Rapper Dolla

(Aubrey Berry during trial pictured left & Rapper Dolla pictured right)

On Friday May 21, 2010 Aubrey Berry 24, was found not guilty of all charges against him, in the murder trial of Atlanta based rapper, Dolla (real name Roderick Burton, age 21).  Berry was acquitted of 3 charges, 1st degree murder, 2nd degree murder, and voluntary manslaughter.

You may remember the incident that took place last year, May 2009.  Dolla was shot several times in the parking lot of the Los Angeles, Beverly Center (mall), he was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.  Berry was apprehended by police at LAX (L.A. airport), attempting to flee Los Angeles and was found with a loaded gun.  Berry would plea not guilty and claim self-defense in his trial.

The trial lasted 9 days and the jury deliberated for 2 days, before finding Berry not guilty on all charges.  Below is a video, courtesy of who had a representative present in the courtroom during the trial.

There were a lot of rumors and speculation about what happened during the altercation.  It was rumored that Berry traveled to L.A. specifically for revenge (the two had a previous altercation in Atlanta, Ga two weeks prior) which was revealed to be untrue/unproven during this trial. I wish more people would read and follow cases without making assumptions based on hearsay and media reports.  A lot of people familiar with the reported incident believe these verdicts to be UNFAIR, however.....

I believe the justice system, in this matter, did prevail.  Every suspect is assumed innocent until proven guilty.  Can we all agree on that?   In order for a defendant to be found guilty in CRIMINAL court, a jury must reach a unanimous decision that a crime was committed BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.

This means that upon review of the evidence, lack of evidence, and testimony in a trial, a juror uses common impartial (un biased) reasoning to determine that WITHOUT A DOUBT, MORE LIKELY THAN NOT, WITHOUT SECOND GUESSING THEIR DECISION, WITHOUT HESITATION a person is guilty of committing the crime at hand.  This does not necessarily mean that they are totally certain, but it means that with a high level of confidence in their reasoning, a juror has reached their verdict.  So, on the contrary this means, that if a juror has any doubt or is not completely sure or convinced that a crime was committed then they must find the defendant NOT GUILTY.

It is the duty of the lawyers (prosecutor/defense) to present the BURDEN of PROOF (evidence/arguments) for their claims of guilty or not guilty.

Unfortunately (for the family of the victim), in this case it does not seem that based on the evidence, lack of evidence, and testimonies during the trial that one can conclude WITHOUT A DOUBT that Berry did not feel threatened and that he definitely planned to go to the mall and kill a person in broad day light.

My condolences go towards the family, friends, and fans of Roderick Burton, who died at the tender age of 21 during the height of his career.  My prayers also go towards the family and friends of Aubrey Berry who also had a bright future ahead of him.  It is unfortunate for all parties as well as our community, that we lost the lives of these two individuals (Berry I'm sure will never be the same).  I urge you to research the presentations of this trial, lets stop spreading false & unproven information, and most importantly of all LETS STOP THE VIOLENCE!!! (Ive seen comments wishing death & retaliation on Berry's life)

How did you feel about the outcome of this trial?  FAIR OR UNFAIR?  Do you think justice was served?
There is so much more to this trial, visit for more complete coverage on the entire trial.


  1. I mean its fair he got off bc of lack of evidence.But it still does not make sense to me how it was self defence if he had the only weapon and he shot him more than one time in the front and back! Also he just happen to be in LA when Dolla was! Too many coincedences for me!!!

  2. I agree with the lack of evidence part!. The self defense part Im not too sure of. And what about the fleeing the scene part also?. But the truth remains we will NEVER know what really took place that day, certain situations cause for certain actions! Althought Death to me is an pretty extreme action! Its deeper than just the court case. A parent lost their child, and AGAIN Hip Hop had lost another artist! With me being VERY involved in the Music business since I was a very young age, I get sick of seeing rappers, Djs, producers whoever dying from the same things they rap about! Its not suppose to happen that way, Rap is something we use to get away from all the violence, and struggles most of us grew up surrounded by. But I guess when the Lord calls, you must answer... My Prayers are with the Burton family sincerely!.. D-Carter