Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kathy Hughes interview with Minister Farrakhan

This interview aired Sunday, the people tuned in, they even tweeted about it as it aired.  Today is Tuesday, and who's talking about it?

No One!

As a young Christian woman, I coincidentally have never attended any of Minister Farrakhan's events, I've never sat and watched a speech, and I've never read any media report in relation to him.  I knew of his stature and I knew he was considered controversial.  And I knew this particular Kathy Hughes interview was a BIG DEAL!!

To my surprise (due to my ignorance of his teachings), Minister Farrakhan made a lot of sense and I even agree with some things he said.  For instance, take a look to the left side of this web page where you see my picture & a brief bio. 
"Discussion encourages critical thinking, which fosters new ways of thinking and the creation of ideas."  This is my own quote.  Min. Farrakhan stated something very similar in response to a question regarding black people in prison.  "We need to change the way people think.  New ideas, bring new knowledge, which creates a new way of thinking."* 
Hughes asked Min. Farrakhan's views on several topics ranging from HIV/AIDS, President Obama, Interracial Dating, and African Americans in prison, all of which are very important discussions that we all should be having.  Below are a few of his responses that I believe were realistic and feasible (paraphrased of course):

Alarming number of African American women dying from HIV/AIDS
Our women are the most intelligent, aggressive, and progressive, people on earth.  When our men go to prison they are being checked to see if they have the virus, but are not being checked when they leave.  Our men are being turned out in the prison system and spreading the virus to each other.  When they get out, they go home to their wives, girlfriends, or several girlfriends.  When robbed of the pleasure of a creative mind, we turn to pleasure that can be created by ourselves, SEX.  We are spreading our own death for the need of pleasure and through the disrespect of our body.  The answer to this epidemic is to teach our females to see their value.

African American men & women filling the PRISON SYSTEM
There is an absence of knowledge of ourself.  Self hatred was taught to us.  We are destroyed for a lack of knowledge, and that being the most important knowledge of all, ROOT KNOWLEDGE.  If you don't know what WAS, you cant know what WILL be.  We were the only group that was taken from our home, brought to a new world, and taught by others.  For our women BOOTY has become the equal of BEAUTY.  Our men are loosing respect for themselves and our women.  We need to stop the killing of us by us, and start loving each other.  We have become engaged in social behavior that marks us for prison.  You build a hotel expecting occupancy, and they are building more prisons and expecting to fill them.  We need to change the way people think, new ideas and new knowledge.  When you have knowledge of self, you have love of self. When people love themselves, people will do for themselves.

Presidency of BARACK OBAMA
You have made a mistake if you think because you elected a black President he will work only & primarily for BLACK PEOPLE.  The President has to work for the common good for America.  When he speaks he speaks Universal.  You can be critical but not criticize.  He has been accused of breaking promises when he has only been in office for 9 out of 48 months (4yrs possibly 8yrs) of his term.  He needs the help  of Congress to make those changes.  President Obama has FREE'D THE MIND OF OUR CHILDREN, and that is one thing that can never be reversed.

I love to see a black man love a black woman and the love of a black woman with a black man.  There has always been the desire of a black man to have a white woman.  Black women are more committed to black men.  they are hurt by us but still hold on, and that deserves great love & great respect.  Love transcends race and color, but I do believe that everyone finds their way back home.

Hippocrates  said let medicine be your food, and food be your medicine.  As a man thinketh, so is he.  You are what you eat.  If you eat junk food, you have junk thoughts.  Our mothers have become so busy working to provide for the household, instead of raising the household.  We stop and get foods that are already cooked, prepared by someone else, heat it up and feed it to our children.  Killing our children.

What did you think of the interview?  What do you think of his responses?

Each topic of question is a critical discussion that is needed in the African American Community, and that's why people should still be talking about this interview.

If you don't agree with Minister Farrakhan's ideologies, what do you have to say about each topic?  Have you ever sat down and took a moment to ponder the existence of negativity of your community, in regards to disease, crime, broken families, and our over all health?

If NOT, yesterday was the time to do so!

*Not a direct quote, sequence of words changed and reiterated from memory.  The answers to each question reflect the answers given during the interview.  They have been summarized and edited to reflect the basic thought of each answer.


  1. Girl, I have to find it online somewhere.. I really enjoyed listening to him and I appreciated how real he was. He said so many things that we needed to hear. It's funny because I've always kinda felt strange listening to him simply because of what the Nation of Islam did to Malcolm X, but after that interview I HAVE to loook deeper into his teachings. I was kind of in and out of the interview because I was doing homework but from what I heard (which was most of it) I agreed with everything he said. I especially loved the part where he basically said "do something to Obama if you wanna and its gone be a mf problem." I'll keep looking for the video online...

  2. Be careful my young sisters... don't be deceived by smooth talkers. Trust in the Lord, His Son our Savior and His Word alone. Everything else will surely fail.