Saturday, May 22, 2010

Call a Unicorn a UNICORN

Recently, my 2 year old niece was shown a picture of a horse and asked to identify what it was.  She replied "a unicorn".  Myself and the company I was in shared a laugh about it.  I then took a closer look and realized, hey "it is a unicorn".  The joke was on me, everyone knew it was a unicorn from the beginning but me.  Others were laughing because my niece said unicorn instead of horse.  "What normal two year old would call a unicorn by its proper name?  They would say it was a horse."  I think the first term used to describe the situation was "weird", and then later my niece was described as "advanced", which I think was the appropriate term.  With all the laughter surrounding her answer my niece may next time second guess her answer or be reluctant to say unicorn, when she indeed was right all along.

DARE TO BE DIFFERENT........Who are you to be Great?

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