Monday, April 12, 2010


I want to share with you, my supporters, followers, readers, commentors, promoters, family, and friends the excitement that I have for the fullfillment of a dream!!

I recieved my 1st notification of acceptance into a law school program on this past Friday! I was sitting at work when I recieved the email on my cell phone. The first person I told, and the first thing I did was call my mother. I knew she would be just excited, if not more so. (GEESH I LOVE THAT LADY!!)

Do you ever think about that one accomplishment that you aspire to achieve? Have you ever been so sure that it would happen that you did not even worry about the "IF"? You were just waiting on God (or your higher power) to reveal to you the how, when and where?

Well that is how I was this season, while making preparation for and applying to law school. I can not say the same for last season. I even took the LSAT and decided not to apply all together, when I recieved my score (IM A PERFECTIONIST & THAT SCORE WAS NOT WHAT I WAS EXPECTING AT ALL). I took the test again and I only scored 5 points higher than I did the first time. Needless to say, my first score was probably beneficial enough to get me into a law school.  I believe God proves to me over and over again, that he has a plan for my life.  It is when I attempt to take manners into my own hands (like not applying to school the first time) that I fail.  Trust him, he'll never steer you wrong.

With that said, I encourage you to follow your dreams. Follow that annointance that you feel is placed on what ever it is you desire. Check out this  2006 Blog Post I did when I was a sophomore in college and recieved my 1st Washington, D.C. internship!  Proof that what God has for you, it is for you!!!

Again, thanks for the support and stay tuned for my journey.  I have some decisions to make in the upcoming months, as (hopefully) other offers continue to come in.

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