Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spectacular or NOT?!?!??

So Keily Williams, formely of the Pop/R&B group 3LW and the Disney hit movie series "Cheetah Girls", has grown up before your eyes.

Did you pay attention to some of those lyrics? She's is basically saying through out the song that she does not remember what happened last night, but the sex was spectacular? LOL (if you dont remember last night, how you remember that?)

Keily has been getting some public backlash over this video. Actually if you look up "Spectacular" by Keily Williams on Youtube you will find several videos of people giving their reviews (NOT PRETTY).

To me the video production looks outdated and Keily does not even look maturally diserable :( . Im all for growing up, stepping out, branching out, and shedding your teen image. However, my concern is in the manner she choose. I wish she would of eased into it a little bit (not to label her as a Rhianna, but at least she eased into her "bad girl" image). Now when my lil God Sister (with whom I used to watch Cheetah Girls with), sees this newly formed Keily, what will she think about the growth & maturity of a young lady into womanhood?

Keily's defense is that she is an entertainer and she is simply portraying the story of the lyrics. TRUE..... it is my wish she was a little more tasteful, but who am I to judge? She stated she is bringing the issue of drunk & unprotected sex front and center. Honestly, I dont believe that was her original intention, I think she thought this song was "HOT". Either way she has our attention.

Fortunately, for Keily it is not her responsibility to raise our young women, it is not her responsibility to train them into the way that they should go, it is not her responsibility to be characterized as a "Cheetah Girl" forever.

Luckily, my God Sister has me there as a positive real life Role Model to look up to. If this doesn't scare you or concern you to enter into a mentorship, for young girls who do not have that influence in their lives... then I don't know what will.

How does this video make you feel? what do you think about Keily's new image of "Womanhood" on display for her "Cheetah Girl" fan base? If you dont like it, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?


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