Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CaReFuL on that INTERNET!!!

You learn a few things when you're constantly reading and researching.  Browse the internet for info instead of pleasure sometimes.  I know you may log into Facebook or Twitter and become completely consumed ( I'm guilty too sometimes, although not so much Facebook anymore).  Like many popular social sites, once they become extremely popular with the public, they also become popular to crooks and scam artists eager to get your information and flood your profile and inbox with SPAM!

UGHHH! I hate spam, and it drives me away from those sites.  Recently, I came upon an article on MSN.COM about Facebook cautioning users to be aware of GIFT CARD SCAMS.  I frequent Facebook and I did not get that warning.... So this is for those of you, who also may not have gotten the message.

A fraudulent $1,000 IKEA gift card offer fooled and lured in over 70,000 users to a scam page.  How it works is, a "supposed" friend of yours posts a comment on your wall or writes you a message with a link with offers to popular retailers like Wal-Mart & Best Buy.  You click the link and then are taken to a third party site to provide your personal information & even your credit/debit card.  After submitting you are then taken to the retailer's actual site, to make you think the scam is legit.  After you are directed to that retailer site, the scammer already has your information to use at their pleasure.  They may even begin to message or write on your friend's walls, using your name/i.d.

Ever heard of Spokeo??? Neither had I, until recently.  Visit the site and type in your name.  Like I did, you may find your address, your housemates, your siblings name, your phone number, your zodiac sign, your income, your email address, just to name a few. ( The site had my mother's address and phone number, not my cell, it had me listed as a homeowner, a white caucasian male, a parent with children, and a false income ALL WRONG INFO).  However, just the thought of my families name, my mother's address & phone number, linked to my name on the site was horrifying.  I know at least three people who would probably love to have that information.  If a person pays just $2 a year (price of a big bag of chips), they could have access to all my full information, like an email address or any pictures they may have conjured up. 

The site gathers all this information from what you put on any social sites like Facebook.  Information that is supposed to be private, used for those sites only and viewable to only who you select, is given to this site.  You can remove yourself from this site by clickining on the Privacy link on  It will give you directions on how to remove yourself.  I removed myself and my mom and brothers.

I know "Big Brother" is probably watching..... but geesh thats not even private anymore! SMH!!!

Had an experience with identity theft, spam, or privacy issues using the internet???  Share here so others can know what to look out for.



  1. that just pissed me off.. as crazy as this world is these folks make it so easy for people to be found. its crazy as hell and these websites ought to be held accountable if someone gets hurt b/c their info was so accessible. do you have to create an account to delete your info?

  2. No you dont, just copy and paste this link at the bottom of the page it gives instructions for removal. It will let you remove at least three people using one email address. Or you can go to and all the way at the bottom in small letters click "Privacy"

  3. I figured it out girl, thanks.. that just got me heated LOL. I'm about to link u on Twitter cuz folks need to know about this ish.. I posted it and where i found out about it on my FB too.. thats some scary ish..