Saturday, March 6, 2010

#FAMU Sex tape SCANDAL real or FAKE?!?

So I struggled with the notion of blogging about the infamous "FAMU sextape". I asked some of my readers and my twitter fam if they thought I should. Of course them being the wonderful drama loving people they are (lol, j/k they adore my point of view & I appreciate them), thought that I should blog on the subject. (some of you also said you would comment, I know who you are, I wont forget).

I made it clear that if I did a post on the sextape that it would be a post of my thoughts and that it probably WOULD NOT be a NICE post! Of course I had to do my own research before I released my stance on the issue.

Is the FAMU sextape REAL?!?

Either way, real or not, the thought of it it being linked to "OUR" HBCUs is disgusting & hurtful in sooooo many ways.

As of today, Saturday, March 06, 2010, it has been determined that the alleged sextape was not filmed in any facility/dorm on the campus of FAMU. After this story made headlines around the world, the staff, including President of FAMU, James Ammons, had to get involved. Ammons issued a memo stating "It has been determined, however, that the residential facility featured is not a FAMU dormitory". Some members of the FAMU faculty had to "review" the tape. Although described as a "tedious processs" it made it apparent that the incident did not take place on campus. The placement of windows, the crown molding of rooms featured in the tape, and even the pink tile in the restrooms featured, were not those similar to any building found on the campus.

The use of the name "Rattlers" in the title of the film, and the placement of the institution's mascot (snake with green & orange colors) in the video suggest that the film was shot on the campus.

It has not yet been determined if the people involved in the video were students of the institution. However, upon further digging myself, I do NOT believe that they were students.

#FAMU became a #TT (trending topic, for those of you not familiar with the twitter world), following the days that the sextape & link were leaked. One night I just sat and reviewed random tweets that used the #FAMU #tt, just to see the general response. I found some interesting things......

1. No one who mentioned being a current student at the University, stated that
any one person in the film looked familiar.(i.e shared a class, book, lunch)
2. No one who mentioned attending the University stated that they knew exactly
where the film was shot (i.e. hey thats my old freshman dorm or ___ building)
3. Students who attend the University came together to "roast" the chicks that
were on the tape, that also had twitter accounts (they were NOT pleased)
4. One lady featured in the tape tweeted "Of course I got paid, dis #*@&
aint free WTF u thought! LMAO ITS GET MONDY SEASON &$#@%es!!! (she later
erased it)
5. Another lady deleted her twitter account, once it was exposed that she was
apart of the tape, however she did not disappear, she created a new page
@RealFamusextape (she would like to address your concerns...smh)
6. ON neither timeline, did either one of the ladies give reference to attending
the University, neither before nor after the scandal broke..they will however
acknowledge that they GOT PAID!

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  1. Relle.. thank you honey cuz I've been wondering WTH all this FAMU mess was about. GREAT BREAK DOWN honey.. And I love how you actually investigated, MTO needs to take a look at this shit cuz they SUCK (a lil like the girls in that video ROFL)...

    Question.. do you link your updates to Twitter cuz I never see em... I'd love to retweet some of your stuff..