Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sex Tape Scandal pt.2 : TAKE BACK our HBCUs

I ended the below post on the FAMU sex tape with TO BE CONTINUED......

When I first heard about the scandal, I was too angry. (At that time, I thought it was a true story...... that was my fault. I actually didn't hear what it really was, I just heard sex tape at FAMU) Anywho... I did know better than to blog about the incident without reading into it for myself, first.

As reported earlier, it has been discovered that the tape was not filmed anywhere on the campus of FAMU. It is also my personal opinion (see story below) that the students, more than likely did not attend the University. However, the attitudes of those involved is very disturbing & the incident has no doubt branded the University.

It saddens me that individuals thought little enough of themselves and our HBCUs to participate in such activity for monetary gain. The participants were paid for their involvement and sold the video to a pornographic site (Daredorm.com), using the FAMU mascot as an attempt to appear as willing college students.

What won't we do for money?

Who's reputation, will we not jeopardize for money & fame?

As a product of a Historically Black College/University, I take great pride in my institution and I am positive that everyone else (HBCU or NOT) feels the same way about their institutes of higher learning (although when the story broke on twitter, some HBCU's began to bash each other, even my own AUC family, NOT A GOOD LOOK GUYS!).

Many of us attend and graduate these institutions and become very productive citizens, employees, entrepreneurs, volunteers, etc. Unfortunately, so many of these things are NOT what our HBCUs are labeled for. Like most negative news.... the unflattering attributes stick around and are hard to wash off.

With that said, I dedicate this post to all my HBCU FAMILIES that are on the road to success or have even completed it. We know for all the bad press these institutes receive there is THOUSANDS of positive things that can be said about the work you do. You don't go unnoticed & if you think you do MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN!!!

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p.s. We know rivalries do exists, but LETS STICK TOGETHER and keep the legacies of or institutes ALIVE!!


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