Tuesday, March 2, 2010


When I was in undergrad, a dated a guy that lived in Memphis, although I attended school in Atlanta. One paticular visit home, we went out & he decided to give me a gift. For no reason in paticular (he was always very thoughtful). The gift he gave me was a box.

He was an older guy, but I'm pretty mature for my age and we always had good conversation. He was always interested in what I was up to, what I was achieving in college, and what new ventures I decided to tackle. Very, very, supportive. He always asked about my days, my projects, my grades, my internships, my community service...or whatever I had going on. He would give me words of encouragement & without a doubt he would let me know he was INTERESTED in my LIFE! Inside this gift, this box.....were NAPKINS

Each napkin had words of endearment written on them. My close friends know about the "infamous" box of napkins. Honestly, I was a bit thrown off by the gift. I don't know maybe at the time, being young & in college going back & forth, I either didn't believe or want to believe the phrases written on the napkin. Thought it was creative, but really I could care less about it. I left home that trip and went back to Atlanta WITHOUT the "box of napkins". Now I am back home in "Memphis" and I recently found the BOX. I sat down and opened it & read each napkin.

You know that saying "If someone shows you who they really are, BELIEVE them"? I definitely try to follow that rule, because its truth. People can say one thing, but they are going to do what they really FEEL like doing. He didn't have to give me a gift, and I didn't have to be so unappreciative...but hey that's how he felt & how I felt at the time. Between now & the time I first received this gift, my friend has absolutely told me (in one way or another) each of the phrases on these napkins (I can even imagine him saying "You are my Sunshine", even tho I don't think he's said that one lol). Through his continued support of my life decisions he has also proven that he meant every word as well. NEEDLESS to say I now......LOVE MY BOX of NAPKINS!!!

We can find pleasure & assurance in the simplest things, if we'd just stop & Appreciate them!

I've been speaking in past tense, but this man is still present in my life, he's still very supportive & I APPRECIATE that........ you know who you are :)

I'm a lucky girl.....



  1. Awwwww, I loved that. I think that was such a thoughtful and meaningful gift. It showed that he really appreciated and believed in you. I want some damn napkins LOL. Great write up chica ;-)

  2. Haha, I remember when u received this "Box of Napkins," we laughed about it and the napkins seemed endless! but at the same time I thought it was very thoughtful and sweet :-) Its a box of inspriation/motivation and its always an overwhelming feeling for me when I know someone I dont see often thinks so highly and wishes me the best. Alot of times we dont understand and take the small things for granted...kinda like teachings/advice from our parents, as a child we probably go against or disagree but when we get older we understand the signifance of it all. I know people who write on their dry erase board or sticky notes (like the notes on ur napkins) as daily reminders/motivation so this was def a good look! Glad u appreciate em now and good to know yall are still KIT.....I think he may be ur solemate! haha

  3. This is so dope!

    :-) Glad you finally appreciate the gift as well.