Thursday, March 11, 2010


My mother and my brothers say they can always tell who made the kool-aid in the refrigerator, just by tasting it.  For some odd reason..... they talk about my kool-aid with a frown on their face.  I like to do a mix of black cherry & pink Lemonade (sometimes when I entertain guests... I add an extra ingredient that the fans go NUTS over :), lol). 

Anywho, my mom & brothers are the only ones who have ever tripped about my kool-aid (however they always seem to finish off a batch of kool-aid in less than a mattter of hours!)  I follow directions carefully, for every one pack of kool-aid you use, you are suppose to add one cup of sugar in addition to the water. 

I remember making some kool-aid for friends one night, and they were like "Dang, you put your foot in this kool-aid" (lol shoutout to my ABC & my Bestie).  Another time, when I was in high school, my cousin came over and we were both EXTRA HUNGRY.  I made a frozen pizza and some kool-aid.  After we finished she said it was "the BEST MEAL SHE EVER HAD" lol. Its time like these, when I entertain guest and make my special blend of kool-aid, that I know there is nothing wrong with the way I choose to do things.

It just goes to show, that you just cant please everybody.  Stick to your GUNS people, do what you believe in your mind, body, and soul is right & you can NEVER go wrong. 

When you are living your best life, who knows........ you may just end up creating some of the "BEST MOMENTS" SOMEONE HAS EVER HAD!

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