Monday, March 1, 2010

1st of the Month : Being ALONE

I consider myself to be EXCELLENT, GREAT, AWESOME, Company. I can be alone and make myself smile, laugh, cry, frown, or curse without saying a word. I use my thoughts alone, just thinking ( more times than not I'm probably writing too).

When forced to be in a room, alone, with your personal thoughts and feelings where does your mind wander? I tend to get a lot done while folding, hanging, and washing clothes or washing dishes. I reflect on the past week's events. What he said to make me sooooo mad. That text I received that made me smile. That black history speech I have learn by tomorrow. Or that email I need to send to my mentor liason. I think about it, and therefore I set my mind to complete these tasks. I make decisions on who stays or goes in my life, and what and does and does not matter. I invision where I want to be next year. The law school acceptance letter I will receive. The bathing suit I'm going to wear when I visit L.A. again. The new living arrangement, when I decide what law school I will attend. Then I sit and develop a plan to achieve those goals. I write a to do list/goals list.....and you can bet next month or next year I will be looking back and checking things off of my lists. But first, I know it all must start with a I get to it!!

I said all that to say this..... sometimes we get caught up with going, going, going, doing, doing, doing from day to day, that we don't spend enough time with ourselves to figure out where the hell we are going.

I know for sure some of you are living your life according to what others are doing and where they are going. Well, just a heads up. You can't go where they are going. You can't do what they are doing. They probably already sat down and planned their own agenda, with a detailed plan to reach their goals/destination. And you, you're just going for the ride, and have no idea where you're going. SHAME ON YOU!!!

Are we so scared to be alone, that we always have to be around somebody? Always have to go some where, when we can just be at home enjoying ourselves and/or family? Don't get me wrong, we all need some R&R sometimes, we all want to break a sweat sometimes, meet someone new, shake a leg, and travel. But all the time?

I think if you're alone for too long you may actually like yourself! ( I hope that you do, if you don't you need to work on that). Some of you, I believe are scared to be alone because you're scared of facing the truth about yourself. REALITY! COME BACK!!! All of a sudden you look at yourself and find that you haven't accomplished anything worth while & you haven't set yourself up to accomplish anything in the future.

What are you going to do?

I say take a time out, put your nose in a corner & think about it ALONE!!

You may read this & know for sure it does not apply to you! For those of you that have it ALL figured out or at least attempting to figure it out, Give yourself a pat on the back. Better yet, share your success in a comment. I know in my younger days, I always wanted to go somewhere & do the latest popular thing to do. Now that I'm older & wiser I cherish the days where I can sit & do nothing & I only hope you experience that time with yourself SOONER than LATER!

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